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Release, review, & giveaway: Aim



Title: Aim
Series: Circle of Justice
Author: LP Dover
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: August 7, 2017
When someone asks
what I do for a living, I answer it plain and simple . . . I’m a hunter. I hunt
the dregs of society and I’m very damn good at it.
I’m Ian Chandler,
FBI agent and a member of the Circle of Justice, an organization of justice
seeking vigilantes. My mission is to solve a string of ‘accidental’ hiking
deaths occurring around my Wyoming town. When Grace Myers –a woman who’s been
missing for days –shows up on my land, it turns out she’s the key to it all.
Someone is hunting her, and I make it my duty to keep her safe.
However, the deeper
I get into the case, the more dangerous it becomes; especially, now that I’ve
fallen for the woman I have to protect. If hunting is the game, I won’t fail. I
always hit my mark. 

**My Review**

Aim is the latest in the Circle of Justice novels by L.P. Dover. I have not read any of the other novels, however, they are each standalone so it didn’t matter in the least!

Grace Myers is a young woman in her small Wyoming town that is a successful marketing and event planner for a hotel. She has been flirting with the secretive and sexy Ian Chandler and they’ve even shared a kiss, but she hasn’t heard from him in awhile. One night she is kidnapped while leaving the hotel and Ian is contacted by Grace’s Dad, Colton, a local police officer, requesting his help in finding her. When Grace turns up on Ian’s porch, they get busy trying to figure out who kidnapped Grace and why, while also falling for one another. 

Grace was an immediately likable character that was sweet, charming, beautiful, smart, and so on. Devoting most of her time to her career or spending time with her best friend Mya, Grace hadn’t had a lot of luck in the love department. Ian was such a charismatic character that drew me in immediately. Sexy, dangerous, mysterious – but such a big-hearted romantic! I thought that their romance was a little on the fast side, but then again, this is a fast-paced novel full of tension that spurred on their relationship and protectiveness for one another.

I was quickly intrigued by the overall plot surrounding several disappearances and deaths, but I wished that the author would have developed the actual crimes and reasons behind the crimes a bit further. Written from Grace and Ian’s points of view, I wonder if one of the “bad guys” would have had a voice if it would’ve added to the suspense of the novel? 

Anyone that is a romantic suspense fan and loves strong, sexy alpha-males will love Aim. Ian is the epitome of a sexy, protective man that makes your heart melt. There is a wonderful blend of steamy scenes, suspense, sweet moments, and fearful moments. It was absolutely my pleasure to read and review this novel and participate in the release blitz and giveaway!

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My phone rang and I thought it’d be Bryce, but it wasn’t.
“What can I do for you, Chief?”
Colton Myers was the chief of police back in Wyoming. His
call wasn’t unusual, because they often called me and my brothers when there
were cases the local PD couldn’t solve. “I need your help,” he replied, his
voice shaking.
The cab driver pulled up to the airport entrance and I
passed him a wad of bills before getting out. “What’s going on? I’m about to
get on a flight to head home.”
“Good. I’ll drop these files off with Reed, so you can see
them when you get back.”
The din of the bustling city made it hard to hear him, but I
could tell he was distraught. “Files for what?”
He sighed heavily. “You know how there’ve been missing
hikers in Montana?”
“Yeah, I saw something about it before I left for New York.”
It wasn’t uncommon for tourists to sway from the hiking trails or test their
limits by doing stupid shit. Most of those people found themselves dead. I
liked to climb the cliffs, but I was good at it.
“We’re missing people here too,” Colton confessed.
“It happens every year. Why does this case shock you?” I’d
been gone for three weeks, so I hadn’t even paid attention to what was going on
in Wyoming.
He huffed angrily. “About three weeks ago, eight men
supposedly went missing in our mountains. Just this morning, I couldn’t get a
hold of Grace. Her boss also called me and said she never showed up at their
meeting last night. Her car is still at the hotel. It’s like she disappeared.”
“You’ve got to be shitting me,” I growled low.
Grace was his daughter and a good friend of mine. Hell, I’d
wanted to be more than that for quite some time. I only held back from pursuing
her out of respect for her father. She was one of the most beautiful women I’d
ever known.
“Please, Ian. I have to find her.”
Hurrying through the doors, impatience flooded through my
veins. “We’ll find her, if it’s the last thing I
do . . . I swear.” 


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Author Bio

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author L. P. Dover is a southern belle living in North Carolina with her husband and two beautiful girls. Before she began her literary journey she worked in periodontics, enjoying the wonderment of dental surgeries.

She loves to write, but she also loves to play tennis, go on mountain hikes and white water rafting, and has a passion for singing. Her two youngest fans expect a concert each and every night before bedtime, usually Christmas carols.

Dover has written countless novels, including her Forever Fae series, the Second Chances series, the Gloves Off series, the Armed & Dangerous series, the Royal Shifters series, and her standalone novel Love, Lies, and Deception. Her favorite genre to read and write is romantic suspense, but if she got to choose a setting in which to live, it would be with her faeries in the Land of the Fae.

L.P. Dover is represented by Marisa Corvisiero of Corvisiero Literary Agency and Italia Gandolfo of Gandolfo Helin & Fountain Literary Management for dramatic rights. 

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Book Review: Paper Dolls

Paper Dolls: A Young Adult Romantic Thriller, by Sienna Blake

Publication: Gypsy Publishing; 1 edition; April 24, 2016

paper dollsAbout the book: 

Salem is my twin sister. She loved me. She protected me. She forgave me, even after I failed her. I just got her back after searching for three long, lonely years.

Then there’s Clay. Sweet yet intense and nursing a dark past of his own, he’s all the redemption I don’t deserve. He wants to open me up and know the insides of my soul. I want to let him, but I’m scared he’ll run from what he finds.

But I can’t have them both.

My name is Aria. I’m 18. And today, I must choose. One of the two people I love has to die.


My Review:

Who, What, When, Where

This incredibly interesting and surprising novel is about 18-year-old Aria who is living and working in Mirage Falls. She works at a lingerie/toy shop for a woman named Flick, and as the novel begins, she is falling for a guy named Clay. The problem is, however, she is searching for her twin sister, Salem, that she hasn’t seen in three years. 

Aria and Salem obviously have secrets from their past and reasons they ran away, but Aria does not reveal this to Clay until a while into the novel. Clay also seems to have secrets, but again, these are slowly revealed throughout the novel, which left me insanely curious about what was going on, who was being honest, and so on. 

If it seems that I’m not saying much about the plot, that is correct. So many things happen in this novel that I would absolutely hate to give any spoilers. But I will say that Aria’s life seems basically happy and normal while she’s looking for Salem, however, things drastically change once they find each other again.

Thoughts and Reactions

I have to start by saying, “Wow!” There’s little I love more than surprise twists in novels and Paper Dolls definitely surprised me. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time I was reading but there was a huge “oh my God” moment that I never saw coming. I knew something was going on and suspected that it would be bad, but I truly had no idea what was coming.

Paper Dolls is well-written with very realistic and honest inner and outer dialogue. I struggled a bit with the character development, realizing several times that I could hardly picture the characters in my mind, unsure of what they even looked like. Beyond that, the plot was very suspenseful and absolutely entertaining. 

Sienna Blake addressed some difficult and serious topics in Paper Dolls but did it in a wonderful way. I highly recommend this novel to lovers of psychological thrillers. It has elements of romance and family but also has very challenging moments – all combining to make an amazing read!

*Trigger warning* This novel does deal with themes of sexual abuse and mental illness.

*Thanks to BookFunnel for providing this novel in exchange for an honest review!

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Learn more about Sienna Blake by visiting her web page.



Book review: Taking Down Brooklyn

Taking Down Brooklyn,

by K.B. Andrews & Kelly Moore

Publication: August 15, 2017

brooklynAbout the book: 

My life was my own, that is until I met B. She was meant to be one night of fun. One night of forgetting my miserable, lonely life.

I’m a hired killer, a modern-day hero, of sorts.

I’m paid well to take out the bad guys. I take the money, I do the job, no questions asked – until her beautiful face becomes my target.

B suddenly has a name. Brooklyn Warren, The President’s daughter.

The woman who I’ve thought about since the night we were together, now becomes my target. She has a bullseye’s on her head and a large amount of money is being offered to take her out. But I don’t kill innocent people and Brooklyn is not only innocent but highly intelligent and trying to save millions of lives.

She’s come up with the cure for cancer and pissed off the mighty pharmaceutical companies. They stand to lose billions of dollars at the hands of a sexy redhead. Her father being the President of the United States doesn’t dissuade them from hunting her and threatening him.

Instead of taking the contract to kill her, I rescue her and then she, in turn, rescues me from my lonely life.

Keeping her safe is the only thing that matters to me. Her life will save millions, mine will save none. I will risk everything to keep her safe.

Now the hunt is on for both of us.

My Review:

What’s better than getting to read and review an upcoming novel from your favorite authors? Getting to read and review a novel that they have co-written! Taking Down Brooklyn is a romantic suspense/thriller by K.B. Andrews and Kelly Moore, and oh my goodness, it is fantastic!

John is a handsome, sexy hitman that spots a woman in a bar one night and takes her home. Not being able to get her off of his mind, he’s shocked when he’s called in for a new assignment and sees her picture sitting there in front of him. Even worse, Brooklyn is the President’s daughter and has discovered a cure for cancer. Brooklyn wanted a night away from everything when she was in the bar, wearing a wig, and met John. Never expecting to see him again, she’s shocked to learn that he’s found her and rather than kill her, wants to protect her. 

Let me say that the chemistry between John and Brooklyn was instant. But after their one night together, everything after that is a roller coaster ride of running, hiding, and trying to stay alive. On top of getting away from the bad guys, they are also trying to get to John’s twin brother, Jake, as well as, keep her father – the President of the United States – up to speed on what’s going on. There are numerous twists and turns in this novel where one minute you think things are o.k., then they go bad, then it looks up again, only to have another obstacle in their way. 

I’ve read a few co-written novels and love how two authors can construct a story that you would never think was co-written. I must admit that before reading Taking Down Brooklyn, I was expecting to be able to tell what Kelly wrote and what K.B. wrote. I have read so many of their novels I thought I could figure out which author wrote which chapters, however, I was proven very wrong. Already fantastic authors on their own, they created a perfectly suspenseful and exciting novel together without any shifts in style or voice. The writing is flawless, the characters are interesting and complex, and the imagery used will make you feel as if you are a part of the story. This book is full of romance, hope, regrets, action, and love. There are happy moments and sad moments, but it is absolutely jam-packed with non-stop action. 

I feel as if I haven’t said a lot about the overall plot, but I am trying to avoid spoilers at all costs! Taking Down Brooklyn has fantastic characters and numerous surprising moments that I could not believe. Romance fans that like a dash of thriller/crime fiction will devour this one. Be prepared to fall in love with John as you follow along on this wild ride!

*Special thanks to Kelly Moore and K.B. Andrews for providing this ARC in exchange for my honest review! 

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Book Review: Heart of Thief



heart of a thiefAbout the book: 

I’m the villain in most romances.
I’m a thief that steals happily ever afters.
Except unlike most romances, love doesn’t conquer me, I conquer it.
I’ve stolen countless women from unsuspecting men.
Gotten my one night with them.
And then watched the heartbreak that occurs in my wake.
Love doesn’t survive once I enter the picture if it ever existed at all.
Although, stealing Sloane might be my greatest challenge of all.

Asher is a villain trying to a put a horrible life behind him by doing the only two things he knows to do: surf and steal. Sloane is an angel that runs a charity helping children needing a fresh start. Asher will do anything to have her. There is just one problem…she’s about to marry another man.

My Review:

I am a huge fan of Ella Miles and am excited to post my review today of her latest novel, Heart of a Thief. One thing I love about Ella is her ability to take completely flawed people and somehow dig up the good inside of them and make you cheer for them. This was absolutely the case with Asher and Sloane in Heart of a Thief. 

Asher is a professional surfer that lives a very simple life despite the money that he has made. He lives in a tiny shack on the ocean in Hawaii, drives a beat up old truck, and surfs. However, his downfall is his addiction to stealing women that are planning to marry other men. The rush of breaking up an engagement and breaking hearts is Asher’s horrible habit. Sloane is a beautiful, caring young woman that runs a non-profit for troubled youth, as well as, a fellow surfer. As soon as he spots her at her bachelorette party, he decides that she is his next conquest. 

So, Asher was a very bad boy. However, his looks, charisma, and charm made it difficult for me to dislike him for long. I certainly did not agree with his hatred of love and commitment or his desire to destroy others’ relationships – however, it was impossible not to fall in love with him. It took me awhile to warm up to Sloane because I couldn’t figure her out. She was one of those sneaky characters that I thought was the “good guy” of the story, but oh my, she ended up surprising me. 

This was a fast-paced and addictive book, although at times I felt like there wasn’t really anywhere to go with the overall plot. Not only were there several plot twists to juice up the plot, I ended up completely shocked at various points in the novel. Ella Miles took what seemed to be a straightforward story and filled it with some major twists that I couldn’t believe – and I loved every bit of it!

Heart of a Thief is funny, suspenseful, sad, frustrating, but overall it’s romantic. As always, her novels serve as a reminder that love can sneak up on us at any moment and that sometimes the people we think are wrong for us, end up being exactly right. Bad guys can become good guys, and people can learn from their mistakes. 

I have read a ton of Ella Miles, but I must say that I think this may be my favorite! Any fans of romantic suspense and imperfect characters should not miss this one. 

*Thanks to author Ella Miles for providing a copy of this novel in exchange for my honest review!

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Learn more about Ella Miles by visiting her web page.


Blog tour, review, & giveaway: Rum Runner

Displaying RumRunnerTourBanner-1.png


Displaying Rum Runner_FINAL_RGB.jpgRum Runner
Tricia Leedom
Published by: Ink Monster LLC
Publication date: July 18th 2017
Genres: Adult, Adventure, Romance

Perfect for fans of Susan Elizabeth Phillips and Janet Evanovich, this action-packed debut from a fresh voice in contemporary romance offers a sexy and comedic take on love, adventure, and what it means to trust your heart.

English socialite Sophie Davies-Stone has been longing to meet her father since she was a little girl. When he sends her a mysterious medallion and asks her to forward it to him in Miami, she can’t help herself from doing something totally un-Sophie-like. Rather than mailing it as instructed, Sophie hops on a flight to Florida.

But the family reunion never happens. Instead, Sophie is attacked and almost kidnapped by her father’s enemies. Her savior is Jimmy Panama, a cocky and annoyingly handsome former Navy SEAL. Sophie isn’t the only one who’s annoyed. After years of trying to find a way to pay back his CO, Jimmy never thought his debt would get him mixed up with his commander’s uptight, British daughter. He just wants to put her on the next flight home and get back to his low-stress life in Key West, but fate has other plans.

As Sophie and Jimmy embark on a heart-pounding adventure through Key West and the Caribbean, Sophie finds herself falling for the snarky American. Still, her head says Jimmy is all wrong for her, and the more she finds out about him – and her father – the more uncertain she is about who she can trust.

One thing is clear. Sophie is in way over her head, and her greatest adventure might be her last.

The Key West Escape Series

1. Rum Runner – Releases July 18, 2017!

2. Bahama Mama – Coming January 2018!

Goodreads / Amazon / Barnes & Noble / iBooks / Kobo / Google Play

My review:

I am so incredibly excited to be a part of the Rum Runner blog tour and share my review of this outstanding, debut novel by Tricia Leedom. Rum Runner takes the reader on a romantic, action-packed journey from England, to Florida, to Jamaica, and more! Sophie is a wealthy socialite in London who has received letters from her father over the years, but hasn’t met him. When he sends her a medallion and asks that she ship it to a hotel in Miami, she decides to deliver it in person instead, hoping to meet her long-lost father Mitch Thompson. However, upon arriving in Miami she learns that Mitch is not there, but instead she finds Jimmy Panama. A smooth-talking, handsome friend of her Dad’s who is there to pick up the package as a favor. Thus begins a crazy, fast-paced adventure as they try to find her father and try to stay alive. 

Let me start with Jimmy Panama, the swoon-worthy boat captain, ex-Navy SEAL, possible criminal, etc. Besides his crazy sex appeal, he flirts constantly and is hilarious with the one-liners. I absolutely fell in love with him, in case you haven’t already figured that out!

Sophie’s character was also fabulous but in different ways. Initially, she appears as the snooty rich girl that wouldn’t even jaywalk, much less go on the run from drug lords. However, the author masterfully reveals more and more of Sophie as the novel progresses, almost where it seems Sophie is learning about herself at the same time as the reader. She faced and conquered so many fears and obstacles throughout this novel that it leaves you with the overall feeling of, “wow!”

There are several other key players in this story, just enriching the already entertaining and suspenseful plot. Obviously I won’t include spoilers, but be prepared to be shocked, surprised, puzzled, and every other fantastic emotion that accompanies this genre of novel. The chemistry between Sophie and Jimmy is undeniable and I loved it, but it’s the repeated dangerous situations that kept me on the edge of my seat that made me fall in love with this novel. I thought this one sounded good when I signed up to participate in the tour, how much fun I was in store for!

Tricia Leedom’s debut novel reads like that of a well-seasoned novel. Her characterization and vivid imagery will propel you to the Keys and beyond as you get lost in this action and adventure novel. You know what the best part is? There is a part 2 scheduled for release in 2018!! I hate having to wait that long, but if the follow-up is anything like the debut, it will be worth the wait! This is the next must-read on your list!

*Many thanks to Xpresso Book tours and Tricia Leedom for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review!


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Displaying Tricia.jpgAuthor Bio:

TRICIA LEEDOM enjoys traveling to exotic destinations and having torrid love affairs with hot, dangerous men… even if it’s only in her own mind. When she’s not writing romantic adventure novels, she reads voraciously, tweets compulsively, and fangirls over a TV show based on her favorite book series. Tricia earned her BA in Creative Writing from The University of Tampa and her MFA in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University. Her favorite authors include Diana Gabaldon, J.R. Ward, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Karen Robards, and Johanna Lindsey. She lives in Southwest Florida with two very spoiled dogs. Follow Tricia on Twitter and Instagram @tricialeedom

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Review: Everything We Left Behind

Everything We Left Behind, by Kerry Lonsdale

Publication: Lake Union Publishing; July 4, 2017

everything we left behindAbout the book:

Two months before his wedding, financial executive James Donato chased his trade-laundering brother Phil to Mexico, only to be lost at sea and presumed dead. Six and a half years later, he emerges from a dissociative fugue state to find he’s been living in Oaxaca as artist Carlos Dominguez, widower, and father of two sons, with his sister-in-law Natalya Hayes, a retired professional surfer, helping to keep his life afloat. But his fiancée, Aimee Tierney, the love of his life, has moved on. She’s married and has a child of her own.

Devastated, James and his sons return to California. But Phil is scheduled for release from prison, and he’s determined to find James, who witnessed something in Mexico that could land Phil back in confinement. Under mounting family pressure, James flees with his sons to Kauai, seeking refuge with Natalya. As James begins to unravel the mystery of his fractured identity, danger is never far behind, and Natalya may be the only person he can trust.

My Review:

Those of you that caught my review the other day of Everything We Keep, probably noticed that I wasn’t crazy about it. Yes, reviews have been mixed, but I think the majority of readers loved. I did not. However, I had already received the ARC of Everything We Left Behind and was curious…

Everything We Left Behind did not hold the suspense and twists that were a part of Everything We Keep, but I found that I enjoyed the follow-up much better than the first book. 

At the end of the first book, James was emerging from his fugue state (as Carlos), wondering what in the world had happened and where he was. With no memories of his six years living as Carlos, James doesn’t recognize his children or Natalya, and he still considers Aimee the love of his life. Everything We Left Behind flashes back and forth between Carlos and James, and although there isn’t as much suspense, there is much deeper characterization. The author provides a closer look into James/Carlos, as well as, his children, Thomas, Claire, and Natalya. I must say that I felt that Ian was portrayed in a mostly negative light in this book, but I’ve also tried to remind myself that he is defensive over Aimee and the life they have built together. 

Again, trying to avoid spoilers, Phil is presented in a more positive way in this book, based on his apparent efforts to save James from the trauma that prompted the fugue in the first place, however, I still don’t trust him. After losing myself in this second novel, I’m excited about the third novel due out next year and insanely curious as to where Kerry Lonsdale will take this story next. If you loved book 1, then you will love book 2. If you are like me and just didn’t understand all of the hoopla over book 1, give book 2 a shot. It is much more grounded and more of a study of human personalities than the the first one. 

*Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for providing a copy of this ARC in exchange for an honest review. 

Learn more about Kerry Lonsdale by visiting her web page!

Pre-Order Everything We left Behind on Amazon!


Book Review: Everything We Keep



everything we keepAbout the book: 

A luminous debut with unexpected twists, Everything We Keep explores the devastation of loss, the euphoria of finding love again, and the pulse-racing repercussions of discovering the truth about the ones we hold dear and the lengths they will go to protect us.

Sous Chef Aimee Tierney has the perfect recipe for the perfect life: marry her childhood sweetheart, raise a family, and buy out her parents’ restaurant. But when her fiancé, James Donato, vanishes in a boating accident, her well-baked future is swept out to sea. Instead of walking down the aisle on their wedding day, Aimee is at James’s funeral—a funeral that leaves her more unsettled than at peace.

As Aimee struggles to reconstruct her life, she delves deeper into James’s disappearance. What she uncovers is an ocean of secrets that make her question everything about the life they built together. And just below the surface is a truth that may set Aimee free…or shatter her forever.

My Review:

Have you ever read a novel and when finished you realized that you both loved and hated it at the same time? That basically summarizes my feelings regarding Everything We Keep. Let me start with my positive thoughts…

This novel started out very promising with the idea of her fiance dying on a fishing trip and his remains being buried on their wedding day. Not positive like I was glad he died, but it seemed to predict a great suspense/thriller. Secondly, after James’ funeral and a mourning period, Aimee decides to realize her dream of opening her own coffee/bistro place, as well as, meets the handsome, talented and uber patient photographer Ian. 

There were numerous flashbacks to Aimee and James’ childhood providing a backstory to their longtime love, as well as, what kind of family James had. These flashbacks only strengthened initial opinions I had about their long-term love and what creepy people were in his family – but all of this was relevant to the story. 

Which brings me to some issues with this novel… I apologize, but it will require bullet points… ***These may be considered spoilers, which I never do, but be forewarned. 

  • Two years passed between the time the psychic, Lacy contacted Aimee and when Aimee finally went to Mexico to look into whether or not James was alive. Why wait so long and why go after that much time?
  • Ian was super hot and talented and so forth, why keep hanging around hoping for one little chance that Aimee would get over James?
  • Why in the hell were Aimee and Ian’s flights from California to Mexico 19 and 22 hours? Often, I will overlook things like this but come on… I live in Roanoke, VA and could fly there in less time. It didn’t take that long to get from Roanoke to Hawaii last time I went. This is just sloppiness in my opinion because all the author had to do was google flight times. 
  • Immediately after Aimee is raped, James literally applies her mascara for her so she will be presentable to go see their parents to announce their engagement? Umm, excuse me, if you propose to me and one of your family members rapes me a few minutes after, do not attempt to fix my make-up, take me to the hospital and then the police. 

I could go on and on, but I won’t. Honestly, I was unable to put this book down after I started it. Despite the itemized list above, I could not stop reading it. But there were too many side stories and questions left unanswered to make me love this book. I truly feel that Kerry Lonsdale had a fantastic story idea with this one, but things went wrong in several places. Considering I have already been approved for the follow-up novel, Everything We Left Behind, I will read it with high hopes. But I’m sorry to say that if I would have read this last year when released, I would not have given it a second thought. 

*Thanks to NetGalley for providing a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.


Review: Bloodstained Heart Part 2 Revenge



BH2About the Book:  

Meet Felicity, a wealthy, successful and happily married woman. But is this façade just that, a deception as she continues to plot and scheme against everyone she comes into contact with. Including her husband! No one is safe from her vengeance that has been festering since she was eighteen. She has gotten her way for over forty years and at some point, her revenge may return to hurt her.
Will she survive to triumph or will karma prove that what goes around must surely come back around?
The second part of the story “Bloodstained Heart, Part 2 – Revenge” runs from 1994 to 2012 and will keep you on the edge of your seat.
A novel with dark connotations in its many twists and turns through Felicity’s love life.

My Review:

Once again, I’m excited to tell you about another Audrina Lane novel! This time, it is Bloodstained Heart Part 2, the continuation of the awful, wretched, evil Felicity! Part 1 provided background information about Felicity growing up and gave some insight into why she is the woman that she has become. In Part 2, Felicity and Tony are getting married, thus beginning their own versions of inflicting various types of hell on anyone they come into contact with. Previous characters and events from the Heart Trilogy are included in this novel, but from Felicity’s point of view, adding depth to the horrible things that she has done. 

Without a doubt, I can say that Felicity and Tony are in the top 10 evil couples of the literary world. The levels of lying and deceit that those two are capable of it truly amazing. But as much as I hate them, they make for a page-turner that is impossible to put down. You want to stop and look away, yet you have to keep going to see what they do next. Also in Part 2, the author gives the reader much more information on Daniel, Zach, and Sasha. It was sad to see three, seemingly normal young adults cross paths with Felicity – thus changing their lives forever. Not only were their stories interesting, prompting several “aha” moments based on the previous novel, but it actually made me dislike Felicity and Tony even more – although I didn’t know that was possible. 

I love this series and all of these characters that Audrina Lane has expertly developed. Whether good or bad, they reel you in and leave you wanting much more after you’ve reached the last page. Bloodstained Heart part 2 is full of emotion, suspense, passion, anger, regrets, and of course, revenge. There is not a dull moment in the novel, even when it’s previous information being told from a different POV. If you have already read Part 1, then you must read Part 2 ASAP! If you have not yet started this series, you are missing out on a very wild ride! Congrats to Audrina Lane on this latest release!

Interested in this series? Check out my review for Bloodstained Heart Part 1: Passion

*Thanks to Audrina Lane for providing this novel in exchange for an honest review.

Purchase Bloodstained Heart Part 2: Revenge on Amazon!

Learn more about Audrina Lane by visiting her web page.


Book Review​: Hard Proof




hard proofAbout the book: A sexy, gripping romantic suspense…

Identical twin sisters move to St. John’s, Oregon, buy Vavoom’s Bar, and purposely put themselves into the path of Notus Motorcycle Club.

Burdened by a deep, dark secret, Clara has to be careful because one wrong step, one wrong word, could land her and Gracie in prison. Her need to stay close to the motorcycle club members backfire when Wayne Shaw throws her heart into a tailspin. There is more to the possessive biker than she originally thought. Cornered and out of options, she can only go forward and hope Wayne protects her.

Wayne Shaw splits his time between working at Port Loaders, searching for missing persons in partnership with the local police department, and keeping Notus Motorcycle Club together in hopes a brother will come home. Skilled at finding clues normal people miss, he has no trouble telling the new owners of Vavoom’s apart. He only wants Clara.

When a little girl goes missing, followed by a teenager disappearing, Wayne’s need to keep Clara safe while searching for a serial killer gets tested…until he’s no longer sure who is the hunted and who is the hunter.

My Review:

Today, I have discovered that I have a new passion. That passion is motorcycle club novels! I have read one or two and loved them, but after reading Hard Proof: Notus Motorcycle Club Book 1 today, I can proudly say that I am a huge fan of MC books!

Twin sisters Clara and Gracie move back to St. John’s and take ownership of a local bar, Vavoom. Why? They are hoping to befriend and hire members of the Notus Motorcycle Club to find someone that caused great harm to their family. Wayne and his friends in Notus work normal jobs like everyone else, but when someone goes missing, they volunteer their time to work with local police and local search and rescue teams to safely bring people home. Clara unexpectedly finds herself falling hard for Wayne, as people are suddenly going missing and Wayne only wants to protect Clara. 

This is one of those rare novels that, with the exception of “the bad guy,” I truly liked every character. Clara was very likable, down to earth and relatable, but her twin, Gracie was more reserved and hard to read. It took me about one second to fall head over heels for Wayne and except for one instance in the novel, my love just grew for him as I read. I wish the main characters had been a bit more developed, but I loved them regardless!

I have to admit that in the beginning of the book I wasn’t sure about the whole “vigilante biker club” thing but as the story progressed, their motivation became clear and their commitment to helping people was very evident. This novel was fast paced with several twists and turns and at times was downright creepy, but I loved it and couldn’t put it down once I started. Hard Proof has suspense, mystery, romance, and psychological elements all adding up to a fantastic read. I cannot wait for the next installment of this series to be released!!

*Thanks to the author for providing a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review!

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Book Review: Seeing Sam

Seeing Sam (Next August book 3),

by Kelly Moore

Publication: July 11, 2017

samAbout the book: 

Blind faith sent Sam’s world spiraling. He trusted the wrong person that almost cost August and Nashville their lives. His guilt sends him on a journey to figure out who he is and what type of man he wants to be.

A once innocent, sweet young man, now faces life alone by his own choice. He rebuilds himself to be a good, strong man. An old injury threatens the use of his legs, just as he meets a beautiful brunette that will change his world again. He falls in love for the very first time with sweet, innocent Emma Flinn.

Emma has had her own tragedies in life to deal with, but she hasn’t let anything stop her from being an independent, successful woman. She’s lived in the same town her entire life and has quit hoping for prince charming to come along. Until out of the blue, Sam comes crashing into her life. They fall in love fast and hard.

Everything seems perfect to Emma, but Sam has something that he’s been hiding from her. He’s faced with a decision to either help Emma or lose something that will cost him dearly. Sam chooses love and it rips their lives apart, leaving Emma to start over again.

Emma learns of Sam’s secret and is willing to forgive him, but will Sam let her?

My Review:

Followers of my blog are aware by now that Kelly Moore’s name appears here frequently, having read all of her Broken Pieces series and the first two novels in the Next August series. So this probably won’t come as a surprise when I say that I have once again fallen in love with one of her novels and the main character!

Previously in the series, we learned that August’s Dad caused an accident when Sam was a baby leaving him paralyzed. However, thanks to new technology and August’s ongoing financial support, Sam was able to undergo surgery allowing him to walk. But Sam also is holding onto guilt about bringing a dishonest and dangerous person into August and Nash’s lives, so he left for Florida to be on his own for awhile. 

While in Florida, Sam lives quietly with his goat Sadie, spending his time remodeling his home. However, fate brings him together with the same beautiful woman, Emma,  a few times while in town and soon they become friends. Sam knows she has her own secrets and pain from her past, and slowly they share more about each other. Except Sam leaves out a huge part of his past. Sam and Emma fall in love quickly and easily but when life-changing decisions need to be made, Sam makes what he thinks is the right choice, but it is not. 

So, I’ve always been a big fan of Sam, but I really loved Emma, her sister Tennyson, and her best friend Chase. Emma is an amazing character but I can’t really go into why without giving spoilers. Initially, I found myself struggling with Sam being perceived as this buff, hottie simply because I had never thought of him that way. If you’ve read the other novels in the series you should understand. His looks, hair, body, sex appeal – they haven’t been addressed before, however, it didn’t take me long to find him just as sexy and irresistible as he was meant to be. 

Although I loved the plot of Sam’s story, I found myself so frustrated with his stubborn character, wanting to jump into the book and strangle him. I wanted to scream, “how can you mess up something so perfect,” but this is what makes a great story in my eyes. I quickly engaged and related to the characters feeling drawn into their joys and sorrows throughout the novel. The dialogue between characters was honest and real making the characters almost jump off the page and feel as if you know them. The plot moved quickly with plenty of surprises giving the reader suspense mixed with romance, but a good portion of this novel deals with love, trust, and believing in yourself, as well as, the person that you love. 

I have nothing but the highest praise for Kelly Moore and her upcoming novel, Seeing Sam. Moore has a magical ability at weaving romance, suspense, moral challenges, and physical challenges among the characters resulting in an absolute must-read novel. I cannot wait to see what comes next from this amazing author, perhaps Anna’s story??  

*Thanks to Kelly Moore for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review!

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