About/Submission Guidelines

A little about me: I am a wife, mother, doggie parent, and an avid reader, living in Virginia. I have always had a passion for reading and love telling others what I think about the books that I read. When not reading, I love being outdoors with my favorite pups and enjoying the beautiful mountains around me. I prefer reading romance, women’s fiction, or suspense/thrillers – however – I have found that I can read just about anything, and usually enjoy it 🙂

Submission guidelines for reviews: If you would like for me to read and review your book, please follow the listed submission guidelines.

  • In order to review any book, please submit one of the following formats:
    • Mobi
    • EPub
    • hard copy mailed to my address
  • I already have a zillion books to read so I may not give you a guaranteed time frame for reading and reviewing, but it should not be longer than 2-3 weeks. I try to read and review in the order that I receive, however, I also watch publication dates, and sometimes I’m just in the mood to read certain things!
  • I do not care if your novel is self-published, more power to you!
  • If your novel is part of a series, I cannot fairly read and review it if it is not able to be read as a standalone.  However, there is always the chance I’ve read the series, so doesn’t hurt to ask, or send me the entire series!
  • Please complete a  BookReviewRequest form and send to: jentaylor1109@gmail.com


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