Review: Going Down and Man Candy

Going Down and Man Candy (Five Wishes Book 1), by Elise Sax

Publication: June 15, 2017

going downAbout the book: 

The Five Wishes Series: Novellas about wishes that go terribly wrong…fortunately. Five Wishes…A happy ending is just a coin toss away. Each novella is approximately 100 pages with NO cliffhanger.

Book 1: Going Down:
Marion MacAlister wants to nail her audition, not get nailed. Truly. Honestly. All right…maybe she does want to get nailed, but that’s just because her hottie landlord and local diner owner Mack Ryan is confusing her. Can friends become lovers? Especially friends who might not even be friends in the first place?

Book 2: Man Candy:
Raine Harper is in love with Wade Gates. But Wade likes women who are model thin, and Raine is model thin plus a whole lot of pounds. Desperate to make him love her, she trains just a little too hard and passes out in the arms of superstar movie star Dirk Adams. Dirk thinks Raine’s junk in the trunk is perfect and proposes to make Wade jealous by becoming her pretend boyfriend. Pretend soon seems very real. Is Dirk a great actor, or is something really developing between Raine and the movie star?

My Review:

I read the combo of Going Down (Five Wishes book 1) & Man Candy (Five Wishes book 2), the funny, light-hearted novellas by Elise Sax.

In Going Down, I loved the undeniable chemistry and sassy banter between the wannabe actress, Marion and diner owner, Mack. Mack has been serving up yummy diner food to Marion for two years and is also her landlord, but after a stroke of luck, they are stuck together in a compromising situation that gives them a chance to get a little closer. 

In Man Candy, Raine works with her parents catering to guests of their lakeside cabins. Raine is trying to lose as much as weight as possible before her forever crush, Wade returns to town. Instead, she meets a movie star named Dirk Adams. When he offers to pretend to be together to make Wade jealous, Raine learns a lot about herself and the type of man that she deserves. 

Both of these were very quick reads but packed with plenty of laughter, as well as, some pretty steamy moments. The most relevant thing that comes to mind thinking back on these stories is the very realistic and relatable female characters. Marion is trying (unsuccessfully) to become an actress while Raine is struggling with her self-esteem and weight loss. There are very real moments in their struggles, as well as, laugh out loud moments that we have all experienced. 

I also noticed that despite the short length of these novellas, Elise Sax developed these characters wonderfully, making it feel as if we had been reading about them much longer than you actually do. I could easily see and hear these characters throughout their stories and felt connected with all of them.

If you are looking for a quick, happy read, then check out these first two novellas in the Five Wishes series. Elise Sax packed a lot of character and exciting plots into a wonderfully small package!

*Thanks to Elise Sax for providing this book in exchange for an honest review!

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Learn more about Elise Sax by visiting her web page!


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