Book Review: Honey on Your Mind

Honey on Your Mind (The (Mis)Adventures of Waverly Bryson Book 3), by Maria Murnane

Publication:  Lake Union Publishing; July 24, 2012

honey on your mindAbout the book: 

For Waverly Bryson, life is anything but boring! And never is that fact more evident than in Maria Murnane’s delightful third novel about the irrepressible heroine. This time around, Waverly faces a game-changing opportunity: an offer to turn her popular advice column into a regular guest spot on the new TV show Love, Wendy. It could be the break of a lifetime—but for a few not-so-minor details. For starters, Waverly’s acceptance of the job means moving clear across the country, giving up her rent-controlled apartment, and leaving behind her best friends McKenna and Andie. Oh, and there’s the fact that TV host extraordinaire Wendy Davenport is none-too-pleased by the prospect of Waverly usurping her broadcast throne. Then there’s Jake, Waverly’s boyfriend. He’s as crazy about her as ever. His mother, on the other hand? Not so much. But Waverly wouldn’t be Waverly if she didn’t tackle these challenges head on, with all the zeal, good humor, and, yes, occasional catastrophe that we’ve come to expect from “the American Bridget Jones.” Witty, light-hearted, and fun, Honey on Your Mind is Waverly Bryson at her best.

My Review:

Who, What, When, Where

This time around, Waverly has just accepted a new job requiring her to move across the country to New York City. She’s excited but nervous, especially working with Wendy. 

Andie is considering whether or not she should move in with Nick and McKenna is still adjusting to motherhood. Jake is still around of course and still delicious, although very elusive at times.

This installment introduces us to Andie’s cousin, Paige, who helps Waverly grow her Honey merchandise business, as well as, relays some of her own hilarious dating stories. 

Thoughts and Reactions

I think this is my favorite of the Waverly books so far! Although not as funny as previous Waverly books, this one seemed to have a bit more substance and emotion. Maria Murnane presents Waverly so vulnerable several times, and not just her normal nervous issues. I got to see a very different, somewhat grown-up side of Waverly, while still possessing her hilarious quirkiness that I love.

Several twists were thrown into this novel, affecting not only Waverly but several other characters in both good and bad ways. I’m still not a huge fan of Wendy, but the author definitely sheds new light on her as a character and provided some insight as to why she is such an annoying and fake person. 

As always with Waverly, there was plenty of conflict and challenges in this novel, but they were new and different keeping things very interesting. Specifically, Jake’s mother… 

Once again I have completely fallen in love with one of Maria Murnane’s novels. They are such light-hearted, feel-good reads that I can quickly devour in just a few hours. Waverly is such an honest, relatable character and Murnane’s plot development is spot on. She has absolutely cornered the market regarding romantic comedy and women’s fiction and of course, I highly recommend Honey on Your Mind to any lovers of this genre. But don’t forget to start at the beginning with Perfect on Paper or you will miss out!

*As always, special thanks to Maria Murnane for providing a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review!

Purchase Honey on Your Mind on Amazon!

Check out Maria Murnane’s web page to learn more about this fantastic author!



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