Book Review: It’s a Waverly Life

It’s a Waverly Life (The (Mis)Adventures of Waverly Bryson Book 2),

by Maria Murnane

Publication: Lake Union Publishing; November 8, 2011

WaverlyAbout the book: 

The formerly heartbroken singleton is now happily enmeshed in a new relationship, a new job, and a new decade. Her career as an advice columnist is taking off, and the future of her fledgling greeting-card line is bright. Of course, where Waverly goes, drama is sure to follow, and this time is no exception. Her broken engagement has left her gun-shy when it comes to love, putting strain on her long-distance relationship with handsome Jake McIntyre. And when her best friends both make life-changing announcements, Waverly fears she is being left behind by the ones she loves most.

In true Waverly fashion, things must get comically worse before they can get better. But in the end, she discovers that though life (before and after thirty) may be messy and unpredictable, friendship and love make it all worthwhile.

My Review:

Who, What, When, Where

Welcome to the second novel in the crazy (mis)adventures of Waverly Bryson! Waverly and her best friends (McKenna and Andie) are still doing their thing in San Francisco, she’s still writing her “honey notes,” she’s also writing a weekly column for the paper. The fabulous Jake is back again, although, remember he’s all over the place working as a trainer for the Atlanta Hawks. Waverly meets some new people this time around including Ivy and Nick from the Sun office, and her fantastic older neighbor named Red. 

Waverly is still gun-shy when it comes to Jake. She’s still scared to get too involved after what Aaron did to her, and she continues to just flub over her words whenever she’s in Jacke’s presence. Even worse, things are ever-changing at the newspaper so career security is out the window until she comes up with some new ideas regarding her “honey notes.”

Thoughts and Reactions

I’ve gone backward with Maria Murnane, starting with Waiting for Rain, then Bridges, then to Perfect on Paper, and so on. Do you have an author that when you want to feel happy, you grab one of their novels? That is what Maria Murnane has become to me! Everything I read of hers makes me laugh, feel happy, and even during sad or tense times in the novels – I still feel good after reading them.

It’s a Waverly Life was the perfect way to spend an absolute scorching, hot, humid, miserable day! Waverly’s such a real and honest character that I love, but also want to smack at times when her mouth moves faster than her brain (or when she stumbles over what she means to say and it doesn’t come out). There weren’t quite as many hysterical moments with the girls this time, but the humorous banter carried over into her new friendship with Nick. Another thing that I love is her embarrassing moments, and happily, those were plentiful in the second book!

Maria Murnane’s writing is flawless, yet simple and realistic. The characters were incredibly relatable, as was the story line. I think that the tone was a little more serious in this book as compared to the first one, but I liked it that way.  Waverly can’t be completely off the chain all of the time, and in this novel, the author gave her a lot more “grown up” emotions, joys, and regrets. This was an outstanding story and I cannot wait to read book 3!! 

*many thanks to Maria Murnane for graciously providing this novel in exchange for my honest review!

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