Book Review: Dragonfly Wishes



dragonflyAbout the book: 

Callie Daniels had it all – a handsome and loyal husband – a sweet and loving son. When death comes knocking at the door twice and they are both taken from her, Callie is suddenly struggling to find a reason to continue with her own life.

During an accidental overdose, she discovers that maybe her son is not lost to her forever when she sees a vision and her journey to understand what happens after death takes top priority.

In the middle of Callie’s quest to deal with her grief, she uncovers a secret that she just can’t ignore. These secrets lead her on a journey to understanding more about life than she ever expected to know.

My Review:

What a heartbreaking but beautiful novel! Out tomorrow, Dragonfly Wishes is the story of a woman named Callie, who within a year’s time loses both her husband Chris and her 7-year-old son Cooper. Chris was killed in an accident while Cooper was in the hospital battling leukemia, but then she has to try to continue on with her life after they are both gone. Accidentally overdosing, Callie sees Cooper who tells her that “she still has stuff to do and can’t come with him or Daddy yet.” With the support of her mother, a therapist, and one of Chris’s best friends, she tries to start living again, and in the process, she discovers a horrible secret. 

Let me begin by saying this novel has some very sad and difficult subject matter. Losing a child to cancer is cruel enough, but to lose your husband not long before your child – is unimaginable. Callie’s character showed such strength and determination even in the early days after Cooper’s death that I couldn’t help but immediately adore her, cheer for her, and have enormous respect for her. Her character was one that once motivated, she kept her momentum even on the most difficult days, as well as, finding ways to help others during her grief process. 

The author addresses one of those topics that has been debated forever. Are our loved ones still present in some way after they pass? Can they be there to support us and show us that they are there? If you were to ask 5 different people those questions, you would likely get 5 different answers, but I think the point is what each individual person needs in order to heal. Grief is different for everyone, just as processing and healing are different for everyone. 

Despite the sadness in this novel, I would describe the overall mood as hopeful. Callie challenges herself on so many levels, forms new friendships and relationships, and risks her financial welfare to help someone else. She works through her anger and sadness in order to form a new life for herself, while still remembering, missing, and loving Chris and Cooper. The author beautifully portrayed someone overcoming tragedy and moving forward in a positive way. 

Dragonfly Wishes is a wonderful and touching novel that I highly recommend. I look forward to reading more from this author in the future. 

*Many thanks to author Penny Harmon for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review. 

Pre-Order Dandelion Wishes on Amazon! (releases tomorrow, June 23)



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