Review: Love, Life, & Dreams



love life dreamsAbout the book: 

Love, Life & Dreams is a collection of five short stories. Each story is unique and is ideal for enjoying whilst on holiday or for escapism.

In Doctor’s Orders, meet sisters Emma and Alice. Alice comes to her sister’s rescue after her marriage breaks down. Little does Emma know what the future holds for her.

In Julie, meet Tom, a successful businessman, and a loving father, that is until Julie shows up at his office.

In Live the Dream, meet Louis and Emma. Share in their moving story about the wonders of love and imagination.

In Off the Record, meet James. He is a top radio DJ who makes a mistake that leads him to consider his behavior.

In Suite 200, meet Ania, a cleaner of a five-star hotel. Life for Ania is arduous and her future looks bleak, that’s until she meets a guest that will challenge her view.

My Review:

Today I’m excited to bring you my review of a collection of short stories by Rebekah Louise Love, Life, & Dreams. Consisting of 5 different stories, each one focuses on a character that is facing some sort of struggle. Some of the stories deal with unavoidable problems while some deal with consequences of our mistakes. Some deal with loss or impending loss, as to where others offer a glimpse of hope in the future. 

I do not read a lot of short stories, simply because I love diving into novels and being swept away from reality for awhile! However, I enjoyed this collection of stories a great deal. Typically when I read short stories, I find myself somewhat frustrated because of the desire to know more. What happens next? Will things work out? After thinking about it, I realize the talent and quality of writing in this collection of stories are what grew my desire to know more. Regardless of the length of the story, characters, or topic – I found myself invested in the characters and situations. 

This collection is full of characters and situations that are unique but relatable and includes several unexpected surprises. Whether you enjoy reading about romance, karma, lives unfulfilled, or lessons in life I think all readers will enjoy Love, Life, & Dreams. 

*Thanks to the author for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 

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Learn more about Rebekah Louise by visiting her web page.



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