Book Review: 24 Hrs to Love

24 Hrs to Love,

by Audrina Lane & Rita Ames

Publication: June 14th, 2017

24 hours to loveAbout the book: 

Lola – I had almost given up hope of getting my career off the ground. Then thanks to my friend Chris I had the chance to be in the thick of the action as a pit board girl at the next Le Mans endurance race. All I needed to do was stay focused and make a good impression. What I didn’t need was 6 feet of leather clad hot driver distraction. Jax took my breath away but he was a player and I should keep my distance….well tell that to my raging lust and love-starved heart. This was definitely going to be a 24Hr challenge all round.

Jax – I was sick of being portrayed as some heartless womanizer and sick of having to put up with man-eating Barbie doll girlfriends. Petra was pushing me too hard and she had to go. I needed to clear the decks and concentrate on the race. At least that was the plan until a fiery bundle of red headed chaos walked through the door. Lola…..I wanted her like nothing else. It was against the rules but hey….I’m a race driver….breaking rules is part of the game. So the game was on. I just didn’t see what was ahead of us or realize that there would be more to play for than just two hearts.

Book 1 in this explosive new romance series begins the collaboration between Audrina Lane and Rita Ames to bring you the excitement of the racetrack combined with some hot romance and of course a little plot twist thrown in. The only way to win this race is to join us on the grid and see it through to the chequered flag! Hold on tight. It’s going to be a rocky ride!

My Review:

Followers of my blog are certainly familiar with my love for Audrina Lane based on the numerous novels I have read and reviewed of hers. This time she has teamed up with author Rita Ames in the upcoming novel 24 Hrs to Love. 

Jax is a racecar driver arriving in France for the Le Mans endurance race, bringing along his girlfriend Petra that he’s just not that crazy about. Lola has been trying to break into the modeling field, but after no luck was hired as a pit board girl at the Le Mans race. With help from her best friend and photographer Christian, she also gets bumped up to do a private shoot with Jax. The attraction between them was immediate, but things keep heating up as they countdown to the start of the race. 

24 Hrs to Love certainly has a unique storyline that I don’t recall reading before. Besides just romance, there is the excitement of the racing circuit and the pressure on the drivers, as well as, all of the supporting members of the team and sponsors. Lola was a likable character and was easy to relate to based on her inexperience at being a pit board girl and her own insecurities when meeting all of the various people. Jax started out as a cocky driver, but his character softened as the story developed. The interesting thing about this novel was the suspense element and the hints of a particular person being “the bad guy” but then the surprise when everything came to light. 

This was a fast-paced read that I breezed through quickly, finding myself entertained by the overall plot and invested in the characters. I always have such respect for co-written novels and the ability of the authors to play off of each other’s writing in order to develop their story, and 24 Hrs to Love is another example of a great novel as the result of such a collaboration. Written from alternating points of view between Jax and Lola, I did find some of the dialogue a bit simple and choppy in the first few chapters, but it either improved as the novel went on or I no longer noticed it. 

I can’t say that the characters were as developed in 24 Hrs to Love as compared to other works by Audrina Lane, but overall I really enjoyed this novel and look forward to reading the next in the series. This book contains no dull moments and keeps you on the edge of your seat!

*Thanks to the authors for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review! 


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