Book Review: Married This Year




marriedAbout this book: 

Jordan Parker is so sick of men who don’t live up to her standards. Which is pretty sad, since her standards are outrageously low! All she wants is a good man with a sense of humor, who’ll treat her right. That’s not so much to ask, is it?

This New Year’s Eve is as disastrous as any other for Jordan. Her date is a douche canoe, her best friend just announced she’s getting married and even the bartender takes pity on her and buys her a drink.

But Jordan is an achiever. She doesn’t fail at LIFE!

So she makes a plan. 365 days from now, she’ll be married, come hell, or high water. Some quick notes on a serviette, a new goal setting phone app and she knows she’s onto a winning idea. The perfect man is out there waiting for her somewhere, and no matter what awful dating shenanigans she has to endure, she’s going to find him and make him hers. For good.

If only she hadn’t overindulged last night, she might know if the hot stranger in her bed right now has any chance at being ‘the one’.

If you like funny books that make you laugh out loud, outrageous dating scenarios and a romance to make your heart melt, then you’ll love Tracey Pedersen’s brand new romantic comedy.

My Review:

I just happened to run across Married This Year and I’m so glad I decided to read and review it! I loved this funny story about Jordan and her search for the perfect man, as well as, her quest to get married by the end of the year. For anyone that has ever had horrible blind dates or tried online dating and was unpleasantly surprised by the people in real life, then this is a laugh-out-loud novel for you!

Seeing her best friend get engaged and the constant nagging from her mother prompts Jordan to set out and find a husband. With help from her friends, she ends up on endless blind dates, dates with people she’s met online, and a few random people she meets throughout the novel. There are scary moments, hilarious moments, and completely pathetic/cringeworthy moments – but so realistic that it’s scary! During her search for Mr. Right, she also meets the handsome and charming Luke, however, she quickly puts him in the friend zone because she doesn’t think he meets all of the criteria on the list she made about her perfect man. Luke sees her through good times and bad throughout her dating experiences, befriends her dog, helps out her parents  – and was completely 100% adorable! 

This isn’t a very lengthy review because I don’t want to spoil any of the outlandish experiences with Jordan, but know that this is the perfect novel for making you laugh and lifting your spirits. It’s impossible to drag yourself from Jordan’s train wreck of a dating life and you will fall in love with the wonderful characters. There are twists and turns (both good and bad) and plenty of surprises making this one impossible to put down!

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Learn more about Tracey Pedersen!


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