Book Review: Losing a Piece of Me

Losing a Piece of Me, by K.B. Andrews

Publication: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; June 3, 2017

losing a pieceAbout the book: 

I have a secret. A secret that chased me away from my home, my family, away from the only man I’ve ever loved. I took that secret and pushed it down inside of me. So far down, that it never had a chance of coming out. That dirty little secret was like a seed. A seed that took root and grew to become a piece of me. But what happens when that secret has finally outgrown me? When its vines climb over every wall I have in place? When it finally overfills that little spot inside of me that it’s been buried in for so long now? All secrets come out eventually. I just hope mine doesn’t destroy everyone I love.


My Review:

K.B. Andrews’ latest, Losing a Piece of Me, is an amazing story of first love getting a second chance! Lex hasn’t been home in 6 years, but now she has to return to the place where she had to make such difficult choices and where her heart was broken. Striker and Lex pretend as if they’ve moved on from each other, but all it takes is seeing one another after so many years and they know. But can they overcome the mistakes and lies that tore them apart in the first place?

Losing a Piece of Me explores the consequences of lies, secrets, and assumptions. So many characters in this novel have anger and resentment towards others, most of which stemmed from a misunderstanding. There are several moments that are truly heartbreaking because of the mistakes of the past but this novel was also very suspenseful and shocking at times once all of the lies and betrayals were revealed. When I thought all of the surprises had been revealed, they just kept coming and kept me on the edge of my seat. 

Despite all of the drama and mistakes from the past, the connection and chemistry between Striker and Lex is undeniable! The depth of K.B. Andrews characters never ceases to amaze me as I get pulled into the story and their lives. The good guys appear to be wonderful and it’s impossible not to hate her bad guys. Her writing completely transported me into the novel and the lives of the characters, providing a romantic and exciting escape for the afternoon. An added bonus is the flashbacks about Lex and Striker when they were teenagers. I dare you not to feel all sorts of nostalgia as you learn about them falling in love. Prepare before reading because you will not get up until you have devoured the entire novel!

Thanks to K.B. Andrews for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review. 

Purchase Losing a Piece of Me on Amazon!

Learn more about K.B. Andrews by visiting her web page.



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