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Blog tour & review: When I Wake Up

When I wake up tour

Book Description

A breathtaking, heart-pounding, dark debut, sure to delight fans of The Girl on the Train and Before I Go To Sleep.

When Anna, a much-loved teacher and mother of two, is left savagely beaten and in a coma, a police investigation is launched. News of the attack sends shock waves through her family and their small Swedish community. Anna seems to have had no enemies, so who wanted her dead?

As loved-ones wait anxiously by her bedside, her husband Erik is determined to get to the bottom of the attack, and soon begins uncovering his wife’s secret life, and a small town riven with desire, betrayal, and jealousy.

As the list of suspects grows longer, it soon becomes clear that only one person can reveal the truth, and she’s lying silent in a hospital bed…

When I wake up cover

My Review:

I am so incredibly excited to bring you my review of When I Wake Up and to be a part of this blog tour! What an amazing suspense/thriller! For those who regularly read my reviews, you know how much I love a surprising, “whodunnit” novel and this met and exceeded my expectations. A dedicated teacher, wife, and mother to twins Anna is brutally beaten in the school parking lot, leaving her in a coma. Everyone is shocked, including her husband Erik, not understanding who would want to hurt Anna like this. As she lies in a coma in the hospital the police and Erik work to find any clues about her life that might lead them to the attacker. 

When I Wake Up is an absolute page-turner! Everyone is shocked by Anna’s horrible attack and no one can figure out who would have done such a thing. However, as the book unfolds flashing back to the past, as well as, following Erik in the present, everything starts falling into place. Except, every time I thought I figured out who the attacker was, I was so wrong! Author Jessica Jarlvi weaves a complicated and tangled web of secrets and deceit leaving it almost impossible for the reader to figure out “whodunnit” until she decides to reveal everything. 

I was blown away by the complexity and suspense of the plot, but have to mention the amazing character development. There are a lot of key players in this novel – most of which are possible suspects – but Jarlvi’s writing allows the reader the feeling that they truly know each character. This is most likely why I was so shocked when the attacker was revealed! I knew the character wasn’t perfect, like all of the characters, but never suspected that they were responsible for the attack. 

For lovers of suspense/thrillers, do not miss out on reading this amazing novel! Hats off to Jessica Jarlvi, her incredible writing, and this amazing novel!

*Thanks to Aria and NetGalley for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review!


Author Bio

Born in Sweden, Jessica moved to London at the age of 18 to obtain a BSc Hons degree in Publishing and Business. She worked in publishing in the UK for a number of years before heading to Chicago where she edited a magazine for expats. Back in Sweden, she completed a Masters in Creative Writing. Since 2010, Jessica has taught journalism and media at a local university and has spent the last five years as the marketing and PR manager for a British firm. Last year, she was one of the winners in the Montegrappa Prize for First Fiction at the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature. Jessica is married with three spirited children, and although she’s known for her positivity, her writing tends to be rather dark!

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