Book Review: When Two Hearts Collide

When Two Hearts Collide (Game of Hearts Novels Book 3), by Sonya Loveday & Candace Knoebel

Publication: Sonya Loveday & Candace Knoebel;

March 23, 2017

2 hearts collideAbout the book: Charlie Williams’ view on relationships is simple—one night, no strings, move on.

But when the opportunity to see a girl from his past comes up, Charlie finds himself breaking all his own rules. Ever since the night he’d turned her away, Charlie hasn’t been able to get Charlotte off his mind. A break from his pub for a vacation across the pond should be enough to cure him of his curiosity and get her out of his system. At least, he hopes…

Charlotte Mackay channels love through coffee.

Running her fandom-themed store and specialty coffee bar keeps her nerdy heart busy after one too many relationship disappointments. Until the man she can’t manage to forget calls.

Charlie’s coming to The Hamptons for a two-week vacation. She’s going to be his host—nothing more. She’d fallen under the spell of his bedroom eyes and roguish charm once before, and it nearly wrecked her. Charlotte can’t risk the same mistake twice.

But love knows no boundaries when two hearts collide.

My Review:

When Two Hearts Collide is the sweet, yet tumultuous story of Charlie and Charlotte. When Hannah can’t use the airline ticket she purchased to go visit Charlotte, Charlie – who was needing a vacation and hasn’t gotten Charlotte out of his mind – decides to go in her place. Charlotte has been building her new business and spends most of her time at her coffee shop, but finds herself excited about Charlie’s arrival, despite the fact that he never called. Although the old sparks are still there between them, what about each of their businesses on two different continents?

Charlotte struck me as the quiet one in previous novels, but I learned in this novel that she has many different sides. She’s driven and loves her new shop, but also can’t keep her mind off of Charlie. Charlie surprised me with his romantic side, seeming more like a funny guy and player before, and this time I really fell in love with him. 

I would have to say that the number one conflict/theme in this novel is miscommunication. Charlie makes assumptions, Charlotte makes assumptions, and they both end up disappointed and heart-broken. I loved the suspense of their story regarding “will they or won’t they?” They had so many ups and downs and obstacles that I didn’t think they had a chance. Once again, I also loved the authors’ dialogue between characters and the witty banter, especially concerning Charlie. Like Ed, I believe Charlie could charm the pants off of anyone with his cute expressions! 

Something I truly love about this novel and the series in general is the varying versions of happily ever after. Things aren’t always wrapped up in a pretty package in romance, even in fiction novels, and I love that the authors find different, open-ended ways to end their stories. Not every love story has to end with a ring, wedding, and a baby in the epilogue, but sometimes it’s enough to know that the characters are creating their own versions of happily ever after, whatever that may look like. 

Loveday and Knoebel make an outstanding writing team and I have so loved this series and hate that I’ve reached the end! I highly recommend this novel and series to those who love romance with real-life complications and relatable and realistic characters! 

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