Book Review: Divided Control

Divided Control (The Control Series Book 2),

by Anna Edwards

Publication: December 6, 2016

dividedAbout the book: Six months after her split from James, Amy has changed the club beyond all recognition and it is now a dance school. She has achieved something for herself at last. However, is she living life or existing in denial about using her safe word.

James has recovered from the physical injuries of that night but has he learned his lesson about the irrepressible need to control. He may have done it for the right reasons, but Amy is not an ordinary girl, she won’t lay down and be his submissive 24/7.

Divided Control is the sequel to Surrendered Control; it takes you on the next part of Amy and James’ journey. Though a holiday to Las Vegas and a visit to a BDSM club, a trip to Yorkshire for a wedding and a figure James’ had hoped to keep away from his family returning; Divided Control will take you on a wild journey and test your emotions to the maximum.

Are you ready to step into the world of Control?

My Review:

I cannot tell you how much I loved the second novel in the Control series, Divided Control! Trying not to give any spoilers, at the beginning of this novel Amy has converted the club into a Dance school and is living in a small apartment above in the same building. Trying to move on, although still in love with James, Amy is just going through the motions each day. A chance encounter at a dance club one night reunites James and Amy and he drives her home. They quickly realize that they don’t want to be apart, but Amy has rules of her own this time about how much control they each will have in the relationship.

Amy does a lot of growing in a short period of time between books 1 and 2, standing up for herself and being more assertive. However, she is still madly in love with James and quickly displays the love and passion that she feels for him. James has been pining away for Amy since she walked out of his hospital room and has also done some growing of his own, realizing that he can’t be as controlling as he has been if he wants the woman he loves. He’s still super protective but agrees to back off a bit in the ways that Amy requests. They have a lot of wonderful experiences together in this novel, but there is also a very suspenseful twist while they are in Las Vegas, just adding to the excitement of the story.

The author provides a deeper look into Matthew and Sonia this time, as well as, introduces the reader to James’ sister, Sophie and her fiance Grayson. Also making an appearance back in their lives is James’ Dad Peter. I liked getting to know each of these characters better, although once they were in Vegas I was sort of surprised about the dynamics between them all. 

In my review of Book 1, Surrendered Control I mentioned that at times I felt the dialogue was too choppy and too formal, however, I did not have that impression at all while reading Divided Control. Anna Edwards’ writing and dialogue flowed wonderfully allowing me to just get lost in the story. She pushed the limits of both James and Amy in this novel and it made their love story just that much better. I believe there will be another installment about James and Amy and I absolutely cannot wait to get my hands on it. This is definitely my new, favorite book couple so I hope there will be more adventures to come! I loved, loved, loved this book and highly recommend this book, of course, starting with Book 1 🙂 

*Thanks to the author and Love Bound promotions for providing a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review!

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