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surrenderedAbout the book: When unwilling erotic dancer Amy Jones was gifted a holiday to Lanzarote she had no idea how much it would change her life. Everything she knew was about to fall apart thanks to an encounter with a handsome blue-eyed stranger. He will show her truths and help her face her innocence, but can she live with his need to control and the reasons behind it?

Debonair businessman James North is running from his past. He refuses to face it, preferring to hide behind his rigid control. But when he meets a blonde haired beauty the volcanic eruptions of passion between them show him that life isn’t the black and white he was lead to believe.

Surrendered control is the debut novel of the author Anna Edwards. It tells of the fledgling love between James and Amy and how their pasts twist and turn to tear them apart. The novel is set in London, but through business travels, it is given an international feel based on the author’s personal life.

Are you ready to step inside the world of Control?

My Review:

In the mood for something just a tiny bit dirty, but also full of romance and suspense? Then this is the novel for you. Amy and James meet while on vacation and have one hot encounter, but Amy assumes she’ll never see him again. However, when he walks into her uncle’s gentlemen’s club one evening – while she’s working, everything changes. Amy knows that she and James had an instant connection but also knows there are tons of secrets between them. 

Amy is a writer/exotic dancer and appears to be a self-confident, independent young woman. Having been raised by her uncle since her parents’ death, he is the only family she has left. Although, I found it quite creepy that she would be an exotic dancer in her uncle’s club. James is a successful, wealthy, handsome builder who is full of secrets about his past. He immediately shows a controlling side both in the bedroom and out, but still, has tons of likable qualities. I just couldn’t help but love the guy. He was kind of old to be living with his mother, Miranda, but she was a really neat lady and I realized he just wanted her with him to make sure that she was o.k. James also had two very loyal employees/security Matthew and Sonia  – who were both wonderful characters! 

Although I felt his “secret” was somewhat blown out of proportion, I really enjoyed this story. I kept thinking he was going to change into some wild animal or something, which was not the case. There was a lot of action, twists, and turns throughout this novel that kept me guessing and wondering what would happen next. I loved the building relationship between James and Amy, especially the way they slightly evoked changes in one another. For the first half or so of the book, I did find the writing and dialogue sort of choppy and formal, but I either got used to it or it lightened up as I read – not sure which?? 

Don’t worry, this is not another Fifty Shades copycat novel, but completely different than what I have read. There are definite references to BDSM, control, submission, etc., but this is not some black and white contractual relationship between James and Amy. I literally could not put this down until I had read the last line and although it was fabulous, I was left frustrated by the ending – but only because now I cannot wait to read the second book in the series. Hint, hint, I’m hoping the author wants me to review it also! I highly recommend this for lovers of romantic suspense with just a touch of the whole BDSM thing. This novel is much more than just sex or control but has several interesting subplots to keep you reading!

*Thanks to Love Bound promotions for providing this review copy in exchange for my honest review. 

Purchase Surrendered Control on Amazon. 

Learn more about Anna Edwards by visiting her web page.


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