Book Review: Girl On a Swing




girl on a swingAbout the book: Sometimes the road love takes a detour…

It’s been 10 years since Wren’s parents were killed in a car accident, leaving her and her brother behind. Wren’s life has been spiraling downward ever since. She’s trapped in an abusive marriage, her career as an artist has never had a chance to flourish, and all of her hope is gone. If she doesn’t break away from all that’s dragging her down, she’s afraid she’ll never escape it.

She turns to her lifelong friend, Maddox, the only person who’s been there for her through it all. He helps her understand her own strength so she can finally begin making bold changes in her life. But falling in love with him was never part of the plan.

When their forbidden relationship jeopardizes everything Wren has worked for, will anyone be left standing by her side?

My Review:

So, I noticed this for free on Amazon a few weeks ago, liked the sound of it, so I got it. This was my first time reading Bella Roccaforte and I was blown away! Wren’s parents died 10 years ago leaving her and her brother, Kaden on their own. Wren now lives with Kaden and her loser, alcoholic husband Nathan. Wren’s an artist, although her career hasn’t really taken off, but suddenly things begin to change. Wren decides she’s had enough of Nathan and starts divorce proceedings, two of her best friends move in, and she finally starts making professional progress and getting her work into galleries. Her closest and oldest friend, Maddox, has always been there for her throughout everything. Suddenly, she starts noticing different feelings for him, but could a romance ruin their friendship?

I was crazy about Wren, although not your run-of-the-mill main character. Beautiful and talented, she also smokes like a freight train, and hangs out with almost all guys. She’s surrounded by wonderful and faithful friends but they are literally all guys. She cusses like a sailor, plays drinking games with them, but still presents herself as a beautiful woman. I was also crazy about Maddox from the very beginning, although – without giving spoilers – my feelings for him definitely fluctuated throughout the novel. The two characters I disliked the most were her loser husband and her brother. Granted Kaden was a few years younger than her, but from what I gathered he pretty much stayed in the basement playing video games 24/7, sleeping all day and up all night. He contributed nothing to society yet was quite opinionated about everything. 

Wren was fighting a lot of battles in this story. Ten years later she was still very much mourning the loss of her parents. Although she knew divorcing Nathan was the right thing to do, she faced guilt over a failed marriage and had to continue to deal with his crap long after their divorce. She also faces a lot of successes and failures pertaining to a career as an artist, finally getting breaks but then battling to hold onto any chances of building a name for herself. Then there is the internal battle over her new feelings about Maddox. They’ve been nothing but friends for 15 years, yet she starts noticing how attractive he is, starts wondering about how things would be, and so on. Basically, Wren just had a ton of crap going on in this story!

Again, trying not to give any spoilers, I absolutely loved this book – but was not at all happy with the ending! However, it did prompt me to immediately purchase book 2 in the series because there is no way I can’t find out what happens next. This was a fast-paced and entertaining read with well-developed and relatable characters. The author’s writing style seemed just about perfect leading to an easy flow of the story. There wasn’t too much romance, wasn’t too much sad stuff, etc… Everything felt very balanced providing enough surprises to make me want to read more. I highly recommend this contemporary romance if you’re in the mood for something a little different. 

Get Girl on a Swing for free on Amazon!

Learn more about Bella Roccaforte by visiting her web page!


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