Book Review: Wicked Dance

Wicked Dance (Lovers Dance Book 3),

by Deanna Roy

Publication: Casey Shay Press; April 28, 2017

wickedAbout the book: If there’s one thing that chases you and never lets you go, it’s fame.

Despite being a painfully shy and sheltered ballet student, three months ago I charged onto one of the most popular TV reality shows in the world and changed the course of five lives.

— Mine, when I accepted the star of the show, Blitz Craven, as my lover and dance partner.
— Blitz’s, just as he was about to walk away from his hard-won career.
— And three girls who were the finalists on the show.

Those girls are back to get their vengeance, and as usual, the producers of the show are in it for the ratings.

So now I have a choice: let each of them have another shot at my lover.

Or take them on myself.

But Blitz is mine.

Game on.

Wicked Dance is book three of the Lovers Dance series, which ends with book five, Final Dance. Each book is full length and stands alone, but should be read in series order to avoid spoilers.

My Review:

Happy release day to Deanna Roy with Wicked Dance! This third book in the series about Blitz and Livia did not disappoint! Blitz and Livia are enjoying quiet time together in San Antonio with dance practice and teaching their class for ballerinas in wheelchairs. Everything is perfect until he gets into a nightmare negotiation with the producers of his show, Dance Blitz, Unless Blitz (and Livia) agree to film the final episodes, they are up against a huge lawsuit. 

I felt so bad for Livia in this novel because she simply wants to be with her man, take dance classes, and volunteer at Dreamcatcher Academy. But instead, she’s forced to deal with the three original finalists of Blitz’s show, as well as, all of the producers and attorneys that are out for blood. Blitz was sweet and romantic once again in Wicked Dance, but the reader gets a different glimpse of Blitz – the side that truly enjoys some of the moments in the spotlight with cheering crowds and cameras flashing. Granted there were some moments where Livia was excited about all of the adoring fans, but for the most part, she wasn’t. 

As a closet reality tv junkie, I really enjoyed this story with all of its industry secrets and behind the scenes look at producing a reality tv show. Wicked Dance is just that – wicked – full of tons of backstabbing and selfish characters, which made this quite an exciting read. Most importantly, however, was that Blitz and Livia continued to demonstrate love and commitment, while also keeping things sexy and spicy behind closed doors. 

I love Deanna Roy’s writing with its amazing characterization and imagery. She makes the good guys good and the bad guys very bad. But while reading this novel it feels much more like watching a tv show or movie instead of reading a book. She pulls the reader in forcing complete investment in her writing until the very last line, all while celebrating the beauty of dance itself. If you have not yet started this series it’s time to catch up. I continue to be impressed with Deanna Roy, her characters, and the page-turning novels in this series. 

*Thanks to the author for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review!

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Learn more about author Deanna Roy by visiting her web page!


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