Book Review: Syn’s Broken Journey



syn's journeyAbout the book: 

As the last unattached member of the Nolan family, Syn is ready to risk everything for a mission he’s been assigned to.  He’s military born and bred.  He loves two things – his country and his family.  When it comes to love, he’s kept his distance.  He’s watched his brother and his cousin settle down with families of their own and he’s more than content to play a role in their lives, but not give his heart away to any one woman.
Journey Valeur has had nothing but heartbreak.  She fell for the wrong man, blindly following him, and it cost her dearly.  She has no intent on ever giving her heart away again.  Now, she’s hell-bent on revenge, but she has become the hunted, wanted for murder.  She’s kept herself well-hidden, deep in the mountains of Utah, until one man is sent to find her.
Syn meets a beautiful woman on a train on the way to his mission.  She lights a fire in him like he’s never felt before.  They have a brief encounter, but he lets her go to stay focused on the mission at hand.  Little does he know, their paths will cross again.
Syn has to decide whether or not to trust the story Journey is telling him.  If he chooses to believe her, his mission becomes lethal for both of them.  Syn will put everyone he loves at risk and his own life on the line for her.  To save her, he will dodge bullets, cross borders, and defend her against a high-ranking military official.  He’s taking on a deadly game that could easily be his demise.
Journey will have to make a choice to go it alone or trust a man again or be forced back into a life of terror.

My Review:

So, it’s no secret how much I love Kelly Moore and all of her novels, and Syn’s Broken Journey exceeded all of my expectations! This is book 5 in the Broken Pieces series and focuses on Syn (Jacksyn) as he takes on an unusual mission as requested by a high-ranking General. Unlike Steel and Gray who are have married the loves of their lives and have babies, Syn is still a bachelor who has never been in love. Everything changes while on a train to Utah and Syn spots Journey across the bar. He’s instantly captivated by this woman, which has never happened before. He assumes he’ll never see her again, but soon they are trying to work together to bring down a criminal.

As always I have developed a huge crush on the male character in one of Kelly’s novels. It happens every time, just can’t help it. When I think of Syn, I think of a “manly man,” who is strong, sexy, muscular, fearless, intelligent – just all of it! Besides being a big, sexy tough-guy, Syn also has an enormous heart and does what he can to do right by others, especially those he loves. Syn and his family are extremely close as always and are each willing to do anything to protect each other. 

Journey was a little different for me… I had moments where I really felt like I connected with her, then I would change my mind, then I would like her again, and so on. I can’t put my finger on why, but I think her character was so untrusting that it made me reluctant to trust her. Does that make sense? Journey was definitely tough and self-sufficient being the leader of a hidden compound and community, and her soft side was revealed eventually, but I still felt like she had a wall up throughout the novel. Journey’s uncle Noah stole my heart immediately and although her brother Trav went back and forth for awhile, he ended up proving to be a good and trustworthy man. 

If you recall my review of the last novel, Pieces of Gray, I fell in love with Kell (now Gray’s husband) and his character was just as incredible in this novel. Without even knowing Journey, Kell trusted Syn and jumped right in to help with Journey and the overall mission, repeatedly putting himself in difficult situations such as cramped quarters, darkness, etc. that reminded him of his time as a POW. 

Once again, Kelly Moore has created an action-packed, emotional, and romantic story that is difficult to label as one particular genre. She includes a little of everything in her novels making it appeal to the reader regardless of their normal preference. There’s military stuff, bad guys, weapons, romance, sexy scenes, sweet family scenes, and so on. Kelly’s writing style continues to amaze me with the complexity and pace of the plot and development of characters that makes you feel like you are there and part of their family.  I have learned that when I sit down to read one of Kelly’s novels, I won’t do anything else until I’ve finished the entire thing, and I know I will absolutely love it. 

Syn’s Broken Journey should be available around April 26th and I cannot recommend it enough, although starting at the beginning of the series will add to the enjoyment and provide more understanding of the characters and their lives. 

*Many thanks to Kelly Moore for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review!

Learn more about Kelly Moore by visiting her web page.

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