Book Review: Finding You in the Darkness




finding youAbout the book: Riley knew where her life was going; she had it all planned out.

Jace was just trying to find the light in his world of darkness.

When Riley walked into Jace’s life, she was so pure, she was blinding. His life was filled with darkness and danger. No matter how hard he tried to fight his way out, he was lost and only her light could bring him back.

Riley knew that she should stay away from Jace, but his charm and good looks couldn’t be fought against. He claimed her from the minute their eyes met.

Jace wasn’t Riley’s prince charming. He was dark, mysterious, and full of secrets. Secrets that were just waiting to be revealed.

He knew that once Riley found out the truth, she would be gone forever, but he didn’t have a choice.

He had to save her.

How far would you go to save the one you loved?

My Review:

I was already a huge fan of K.B. Andrews after reading the novels in her Chance series, but I am in love with Finding You in the Darkness! Her upcoming novel is about Riley, a smart and sensible college student, and a bartender/mechanic/construction worker/bad boy named Jace. When Riley heads out to a club one night with her best friend Raine, she meets a hot, sexy bartender (Jace) that keeps flirting and asking her out. After bumping into each other several times over the next few days and him incessantly asking her out, Riley agrees to one date with Jace. And that one date is all it took. Although Riley is trying to be realistic and responsible, she falls for Jace. Knowing his secret would destroy their relationship, Jace tries to hold back with Riley, but can’t. So, what happens when she finds out the truth?

Technically, Jace was a bad boy because of one of his jobs, but oh, how I fell in love with that man. Sexy, handsome, sweet, funny, takes care of his mom who is ill – no matter what. Riley was such a likable and relatable character, like anyone you may have been friends with growing up or in college. She initially thought Jace wasn’t her type with his tattoos and bad boy image, but she quickly couldn’t resist him. I also loved Raine, Riley’s wild and promiscuous best friend and roommate. She was the complete opposite of Riley, yet they had been best friends since first grade and always had each others’ backs. Riley had another close friend, Mack, who I just didn’t like. He seemed sneaky and dishonest to me, even though Jace was keeping a huge secret, Mack was too in his own way. 

Did I agree with Jace’s lifestyle and various professions? Absolutely not. However, I couldn’t help but sympathize with his situation of trying to pay for his mother’s ridiculously expensive treatments and medications. The author gives several warnings about the book containing themes around sex, language, drugs, drinking, etc., however, I found nothing offensive, lol. There were definitely mature themes and references within the novel, but the main focus was on Jace and Riley’s feelings for one another and challenges to their relationship.

I could not put this down once I started and got irritated several times by my husband trying to sit and chit-chat with me while I was reading! This was one of those novels where I wanted to be left alone to devour everything in it. The characters were well-developed and complex, yet, as I said before, completely relatable. The pacing was perfect and the novel held my attention from the first word until the end. K.B. Andrews has quickly become one of my favorite authors and I’ve learned that anything she writes I am going to love. The author transports the reader from the real world allowing you to get lost in her fantastic characters and stories. Everything is raw, realistic and emotional in the best way possible. 

Finding You in the Darkness is romance, drama, and suspense all wrapped up in a perfect package. This is a must read to add to your TBR list!

*Thanks so much to the author for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review!

Pre-Order Finding you in the Darkness on Amazon!

Learn more about K.B. Andrews by visiting her web page.


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