Book Review: Our Last Chance at Forever

Our Last Chance at Forever (The Chance Series Book 3), by K.B. Andrews

Publication: April 4, 2017

our last chanceAbout the book: 

Overcoming everything that was meant to tear them apart, Mason and Lennox thought they had it all. Their lives blend together seamlessly as they work to rebuild the shop and plan their perfect wedding. It seems like they might get their chance at forever after all.
But forever is never within reach when someone is trying to steal it all away from you. Chris will stop at nothing to get his hands on Lennox. He’s tired of the game they’ve been playing and he’s playing to win. Even Mason’s overprotective ways can’t save Lennox this time.
Will Chris finally take Lennox away from Mason once and for all or will someone be lost trying to escape the dangers that await them?

**Disclaimer: The following story contains mature themes, strong language, violence, and sexual situations. It is intended for mature adults. Reader discretion is advised**

My Review:

Happy release day to K.B. Andrews and Our Last Chance at Forever! This is the third installment in the Chance Series novels and it did not disappoint!

Mason and Lennox have faced and overcome a ton of obstacles since meeting a few years ago. They fell in love and then fell apart as Lennox followed her dreams of singing professionally and went on tour. Even worse, they had to deal with stalkers and people out to get them. But now they are together and Mason’s shop has been rebuilt and ready to open, not to mention them being busy planning their upcoming wedding! Everything should be perfect, but is it?

I absolutely adore this couple and loved this third story about them. The epitome of two people in love, Mason and Lennox are pure romance and chemistry! We also get to see more about Alissa and Dane and their blossoming relationship. I wasn’t so naive to think Mason and Lennox would have smooth sailing as the shop re-opened and they planned the wedding, but this novel was full of tons of surprises, twists, and turns! Once again we meet the evil and narcissistic Chris, as well as, a new villain out to cause this couple pain. The drama and conflict make for a very suspenseful and exciting read, but please take into consideration possible triggers involving physical violence and kidnapping.  Just when everything seems light and happy in this story, things change very quickly, but the important thing is the untouchable love between Mason and Lennox. They are beyond adorable and this installment provides a wonderful look into the ways that their relationship grows and changes. 

I must admit that early on in the novel there was a moment that I thought, “no, something is up here,” but then I quickly forgot and went on to be totally surprised several times. K.B. Andrews has a flawless yet easy writing style enabling me to really dig into the story and characters without trying to figure out who the narrator is and what’s going on. Her characterization is also amazing, especially with Dane and some of his grumpy moods he goes through during this novel. Basically, she takes a romance and adds excitement and suspense, which add up to a wonderful read!

Lovers of romance and new adult this is a must-read, but you really need to start with the first novel, A Chance at Forever – which is free through today!. This is a series and an author that you do not want to miss!*Many thanks to K.B. Andrews for providing an ARC of this novel in exchange for an honest review!

Purchase Our Last Chance at Forever on Amazon!

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