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silverAbout the book: 

How much will you sacrifice for the sake of your friends?
Dana, Izzy, Vivian and Alisha meet in college and become inseparable. Twenty-five years later, all is not well among the friends. Summoned by a promise they made several years ago, they accept a mysterious invite to the Rising Tides Inn. Will the magic of Cape Harriet renew their bonds of friendship? Or will the stark reality of their painful past tear them apart forever?
Fans of the Cape Harriet series are in for a rich story high on emotion and intrigue. Readers will keep turning pages as the narrative alternates between different timelines, portraying various slices of the girls’ lives.
Unlimited Drama, sun-soaked beaches, small town life and yummy food (with recipes) is just a bonus. Come join the Divas as they celebrate the Silver Jubilee of their friendship.

My Review:

It’s hard to believe this is my 5th novel from Roma Brooks that I have read and reviewed! Obviously, I am a huge fan of the author and the Cape Harriet series! This installment takes place – of course – at the Riding Tides Inn, owned and ran by Pete and Zadie Strathmore. Luckily for the Strathmores, they are accustomed to a little bit of drama and tension among their guests. This time, their guests are the Divas, four friends from college that made a pact 25 years ago to get together again no matter what. Dana, Vivian, Alisha, and Izzy set off the Rising Tides Inn to catch up and find out what went wrong. Once everyone arrives, it’s evident that there are several issues among the group, but will they be able to work things out?

As always I love reading these Cape Harriet novels because of the delicious descriptions of the food that Zadie prepares for her guests! Oh my how I wish the=is place existed in real life because the Strathmores pamper, feed, and spoil their guests beyond imagination. However, I hated the tension at the Inn this time because it was very stressful and upsetting for Zadie. Honestly, I struggled liking the Divas, with the exception of Alisha. They were all smart and successful women in their own way, but I felt that Alisha was the most down-to-earth and resistant to the drama and bickering. I was very impressed by Izzy, sympathized with the way she had been shunned by her friends, and proud of how she faced them regardless. Dana had good moments and bad, but overall I felt her too quick to make assumptions and side with Vivian. Then there is Vivian…. This woman completely grated my last nerve. Yes, she was mourning the loss of her husband but it had been many, many years. Yes, she obviously had some mental health issues, but her accusations were unfounded. Her anger and judgment made it impossible for me to empathize with her and I actually didn’t care if she would’ve wandered off into the ocean and drowned. 

Despite my dislike of Vivian, I enjoyed this story and loved how the author presented it in different times and settings going back and forth from the past and present. She made it easy to understand the strong bond this group had formed, which also made it difficult to understand how the group had fallen apart. Typically there is a romance at the Rising Tides Inn, however, this time it was flashed back on, rather than happening in the present. 

Besides the overall theme regarding friendship and supporting one another, I liked how the author also blended in each woman’s own insecurities about their lives, despite their professional success or success in their relationships. It was a reminder of not judging a book by it’s cover and not judging a person based on wealth or career. Regardless of the pretty package, there can still be problems, fears, and self-doubt. 

The Cape Harriet novels can be read as a stand-alone, but I have enjoyed reading them in order and already invested in the Strathmores and the Rising Tides Inn. I highly recommend this novel and the entire series to lovers of contemporary fiction/romance, and women’s fiction! 

*Many thanks to author Roma Brooks for providing a copy of this ARC in exchange for an honest review!

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4 thoughts on “Book Review: Silver Jubilee”

  1. It sounds interesting. I like books that shift back and forth in time, especially those that involve old friends getting together after many years.
    I’ll have to check out the others in this series as well although my TBR is monstrous, LOL!

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