Review: Lovers Lies and Lilies Part 2

Lovers Lies and Lilies Part Two,

by Ronald D. Walker

Publication: December 12, 2016

lovers part 2About the book:

In 1945, Sarah Barnes no longer lives the meager existence of a battered housewife. She has outgrown the constraints of society’s expectations for women and experienced love and grief like none she ever imagined were possible.
A generous gift from Jon Bartleaux elevated her to the prominence of a respected businesswoman. Sarah’s life becomes so full and busy that she barely has time to spend with an unexpected suitor while jet-setting between Texas and New Orleans to rid her companies of theft and management executives’ tyrannical treatment of Bartleaux employees. Dale and Twyla’s situation is coming to a desired resolution, when Sarah learns of another friend suffering from violence in her marriage.
As love blooms, the dangers in Sarah’s life grow. She will learn who her close friends and trusted employees are as she adjusts to her new life and new love.
Will her carefully devised plans come crashing down? Will Sarah’s secret change the lives of another victimized woman, or will Dale’s demise be her undoing?

My Review:

Yesterday, I read and reviewed Lovers Lies and Lilies Part One, and although I had other things on my weekly reading list, I couldn’t go to bed until I had read the second one! Sarah is now in charge of all of Jon’s businesses since his death and that includes an enormous amount of money – especially for a woman in 1945. She begins traveling back and forth to New Orleans for meetings to review her current holdings and starts her own restructuring to grow the businesses even further. Sarah continues helping Twyla deal with her abusive husband, as well as, keeps entrusting Twyla and her sister to run Sarah’s business she started in Part One. Sarah also decides to pay a visit to Richard, whom she promoted to store manager in the last book, and quickly discovers that he’s in love with her. As they work on developing a relationship and work together on her new business ventures, Sarah meets numerous new people and finally experiences the feeling being wealthy and powerful, rather than the abused housewife that she once was. 

I’m not sure if I enjoyed Part One or Part Two better, but I loved watching Sarah continue gaining confidence and developing a full and meaningful life. I was hoping there would be a surprise plot twist regarding Jon but also applauded Sarah for moving on with Richard. Although I do find it peculiar that the characters in these novels can fall so madly in love with one another so quickly! In New Orleans, Sarah gets a driver named Dwayne and he introduces her to other people that new Jon or had business dealings with him. I loved Dwayne but was crazy about the chef/restauranteur, Tyronne. 

Sarah was still busy trying to rid the universe of Twyla’s abusive husband Dale, dealing with the police regarding Dale, and also playing matchmaker between Twyla and the county Coroner. There were moments I was sort of put off by Sarah’s attitude and demeanor because it appeared she had gotten a very big head and was flaunting her wealth and power. However, as the novel went on I understood she was simply trying to establish that she was now the person in charge and also trying to keep those close to her and that she could trust in important positions within the company. Regardless of my back and forth feelings about her, it was wonderful reading about a character in 1945 that had not only had a sexually awakening but had become the owner of numerous businesses and assets. By the end of the novel, it seemed as if Sarah was becoming the local “go-to” person for wives being physically abused, just adding to her already busy life, but I appreciated that she remembers where she was not long ago and wants to help and inspire others.

Once again, Ronald D. Walker has crafted a unique and engaging novel that defies female stereotypes in the 1940’s. Fans of women’s fiction, erotica and romance should absolutely enjoy this novel, but you do need to read Part One first. Walker’s writing style flows easily and you will find yourself unable to put this one down!

*Thanks to the author for providing a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review. 

Purchase Lovers Lies and Lilies Part Two on Amazon. 

Learn more about Ronald D. Walker by visiting his web page. 


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