Book Review: Wait for the Rain

Wait for the Rain, by Maria Murnane

Lake Union Publishing; February 24, 2015

wait for the rain

About the book: 

Daphne White is staring down the barrel of forty—and is distraught at what she sees. Her ex-husband is getting remarried, her teenage daughter hardly needs her anymore, and the career she once dreamed about has somehow slipped from her grasp. She’s almost lost sight of the spirited and optimistic young woman she used to be.

As she heads off to a Caribbean island to mark the new decade with her best friends from college, Daphne’s in anything but the mood to celebrate. But when she meets Clay Hanson, a much younger man, she ignores her inner voice warning her that she’s too old for a fling. In fact, this tropical getaway might be the perfect opportunity to picture her future in a new sun-drenched light.

With the help of her friends, Daphne rediscovers her enthusiasm for life, as well as her love for herself—and realizes that her best years are still ahead.

My Review:

Loved this book! This was my first time reading Maria Murnane and I am now a huge fan. This novel tells the story of three college friends stealing away to the Caribbean to celebrate turning 40. Daphne is divorced and lives with her 15-year-old daughter in Columbus. Skylar is single and busy executive living in New York. KC is happily married and an exercise freak living in California. Daphne tries to hide how much she is still hurting over her divorce, but not long into their vacation, she opens up about how she’s been feeling and that she has not started dating yet – after two years. Daphne starts to lighten up as she enjoys time with her best friends, tries to let go of the past, and allows herself to cut loose and enjoy her time in the islands. 

I struggled with Daphne in the beginning of the novel because of her pity-party about her husband getting remarried and her daughter being on vacation with the two of them. I felt that after two years and getting ready to board a plane for a vacation that she could have been a little more chipper. But as the novel continued on I understood more that her sadness had more to do with the loss of who she wanted to be and could have been prior to getting married. I loved the character of Skylar although she had to focus on work a great deal during the vacation, and also loved KC who was hilarious but also could get too energetic at times! Most importantly, I loved watching Daphne come to life over the course of the novel.

Wait for the Rain is a mix of regret, nostalgia, and looking forward. These three ladies had known each other a long time so there was a ton of reminiscing, but they also shared things they wish they had done or would like to do in the future. If you’ve ever had anyone look at you and say that they miss who you used to be, then this is a novel you will identify with. Daphne had spent so many years as a housewife in a bland and unhappy marriage that she had lost the sparkle she had when she was younger. However, the light returns as Daphne goes through the days on vacation full with drinking, dancing, a fling with a younger guy, and conquering a fear of heights. The Daphne that left Columbus at the beginning of the vacation is definitely not the same one that returns. 

I quickly devoured this novel in a few hours and must admit that I’ve already started the next story with these three women called Bridges. I love the characters and their honesty, and especially loved the differences between them which had no impact on how well they clicked with one another. Maria Murnane’s writing style is fantastic, particularly her wonderful way of including romantic and intimate scenes without going into great detail – leaving much to the reader’s imagination. There were times here and there when their conversations started to feel a little repetitive but overall I absolutely adored this novel. Any ladies out there stressing about turning 40? If so, if so this is a must-read to remind you of how fabulous you are at any age! Grab this one today if you haven’t yet read it and stay tuned for my review of the next novel, Bridges. 

*Many thanks to the author for providing a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review!

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Learn more about Maria Murnane by visiting her web page. 




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