Book review: My Kind of Crazy

My Kind of Crazy, By Anna Chastain

Publication: July 30, 2015

my-kind-of-crazySynopsis: Reunited and it feels so…good?

Cash Brady was Sadie Martin’s first love. Actually, he was her only love, but she’d ended their long-distance relationship during a tough first year of college and now she is back in their hometown, having graduated, and on the cusp of the rest of her life. It doesn’t take long for things to get confusing between the two of them amidst parental illness, a hormonal, pregnant sister and her wild family, best friend interference, ex-drama, and a car that just won’t start (not to mention Sadie’s dysfunctional to-do lists). But Sadie is nothing, if not determined, to get her life on track…even if everything has to get a little messy first.

First love. Second chances. This is Cash and Sadie’s story.

**A companion novel to The Good Side of Crazy, but can absolutely be read as a standalone**

My Review:

Oh, how I love this family and these sisters! After reading The Good Side of Crazy, I shamelessly begged author Anna Chastain for My Kind of Crazy because I just had to know what happened next with Sadie. What a fantastic read!

The first novel leaves off with things finally becoming somewhat normal and peaceful for Shae and Sadie after the death of their Dad and Shae becoming Sadie’s guardian. My Kind of Crazy fast forwards 4-5 years after Sadie has broken up with her bad boy, Cash, graduated college and returned home to sell her parents home and devise some sort of life/career plan. Shae and Adam are expecting their 3rd child and Sadie’s best friend, Sophie is coming home from Europe, but the main thing invading Sadie’s mind is coming face to face with Cash again and dealing with her feelings. Although she’s quite cold at first, things quickly change in a way I never expected, making this another wonderfully romantic, hilarious and heart-warming novel from Anna Chastain. 

If you read my review of The Good Side of Crazy then you know I fell in love with Shae and Sadie immediately, feeling certain that they had to be long lost family members of mine. I love the quirky and often inappropriate sense of humor and banter between them, and just find them to be such real characters. I loved that this novel was from Sadie’s perspective and portrayed the beautiful and wonderful young woman that she had become. There were times I was a bit surprised by her hot and cold thing with Cash, but otherwise, I thought she was fabulous. Luckily the reader gets to know Cash better in this novel, as well as, his sweet mom. Cash also seems on the fence or torn at the beginning of the novel, but we quickly see his sweet and romantic side. 

I fell in love with the first novel because of the realistic and relatable plot and characters, and My Kind of Crazy did not disappoint! Anna Chastain is the master of bringing real-life messes, happiness and craziness to life and completely drawing the reader in. The characters are real, raw and emotional and she portrays happy moments along with moments that will make you cringe – all equalling real-life. This author offers such a refreshing type of fiction that you can not only relate to but will quite possibly make you feel better about something insane that you have said or done recently because she reminds you that life is not a perfect little package. 

I cannot recommend this author enough to lovers of coming of age, romance, women’s fiction, etc., etc! My Kind of Crazy is another example of Anna Chastain’s ability to make her reader’s life, cry, and enjoy the ride through her crazy stories!

*Many thanks to author Anna Chastain for providing a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review. 

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