Book review: Laura’s Dream




Synopsis: Book 4 of the much loved Cape Harriet series promises clean sweet romance in a beach setting, yummy food with recipes and small town charm.
Connor Brown is exhausted and sleepy after his cross country drive. He brakes, just in the nick of time, but the damage is done. Amy is working two jobs, slaving to make ends meet. Her hopes of winning the Annual Flower Show are dashed when a stranger almost plows into her house. After giving him a piece of her mind, she learns he’s sticking around for a while.

Laura’s Dream is a sweet, contemporary story of two people who start off on the wrong foot, but then find common ground. Will the magic of Cape Harriet make them believe in a happy ending?


My Review:

This is my 4th time reading and reviewing Roma Brooks’ Cape Harriet series and Laura’s Dream was just as fabulous as all of the others in the series but is definitely unique!

Connor Brown has had a horrible year filled with drama and heartbreak in all aspects of his life, but now he’s traveling from Kentucky to Cape Harriet after friends gifted him a week’s stay at the Rising Tides Inn. Unfortunately, when he’s not far from the inn and exhausted from driving, a woman and her dog step in front of his car causing him to swerve and destroy Amy’s precious rose garden – complete with a special hybrid rose created by her and her grandmother. Connor quickly settles into the Rising Tides Inn, loving the hospitality and delicious food provided by Pete and Zadie – until he learns that Zadie and Amy are friends and that she keeps popping up everywhere he goes. Slowly they begin to call a truce and wonder if there could be something more between them. 

This story was so different from anything I’ve read recently, mainly because of the main character, Connor. So often in books, we read about women being wronged by husbands, etc. but Laura’s Dream tells about the wrongs done to Connor and his struggles personally, professionally and financially. Connor is rightfully moody in the beginning, but quickly shows a much softer side that has you rooting for him to have a happily ever after! I had difficulty connecting with Amy at first because she was so rude and ruthless in how she treated Connor because of his driving into her roses. It seemed overly childish at times, but I tried to empathize because of it being a connection between her and her ailing grandmother. As always, I loved the innkeepers, Pete and Zadie – especially her ongoing desire to play matchmaker with her guests!

Laura’s Dream is a very quick read that hooks you from the first sentence. There is plenty of conflict and subplots to grab your attention, but nothing over the top or unrealistic. Once again, Roma Brooks’ writing has made me wish there was a real Rising Tides Inn so that I could disappear there forever! She evokes so many images and emotions with her descriptions that you can close your eyes and imagine lying on the beach at the Inn or sitting in the kitchen eating a huge, hearty breakfast. Besides writing sweet, clean romance stories, I love that Brooks includes recipes for some of the dishes mentioned in the story. These books will make your stomach growl several times with the author’s delicious descriptions of some of the food Zadie feeds her guests. 

This is a great read for romance fans, but also for foodies who can enjoy reading about Zadie’s cooking and how she makes her guests feel so special and part of the family with her scrumptious food and drinks! Although this is Book 4 in the Cape Harriet series, it can be read as a standalone, but you will probably understand more if you read Clipper Beach first, which provides a lot of Pete and Zadie’s history. 

*Thanks to Roma Brooks for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review!

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