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this-august-kelly-moore-ebook-finalSynopsis: August Rylan had a reputation for being a brilliant businessman with no emotional attachments. He avoided having any personal ties except for his best friend Sam. His father’s past pushed him into building his life around secrets and lies.
His world came crashing down when he met Nashville, a sweet-talking southern girl who stole his heart. For the first time in his life, he wanted to give his heart to someone. He gave up his world for her after all his secrets were exposed.
Now, he’s a changed man. He’s given up his suits for cowboy boots for the woman that stole his heart. He wants to give her the world and all she wants is HIM. He’s fiercely in love with Nashville and their passion for each other is sizzling hot. He had finally found balance in his life.
August thought he was done paying for his father’s sins until a new threat emerges. The stakes have never been higher. He stands to lose everything he’s worked to build. The new threat will shatter their world, hell bent on revenge.
Will they figure out who it is before it’s too late? There is no escape, someone’s life will be changed forever.

My Review:

Those of you that regularly read my reviews have probably figured out that I am a huge Kelly Moore fan, considering that this is my 6th time reading and reviewing one of her novels! “This August,” is the follow-up to “Next August” and continues the fabulous story of August and Nashville.  I am going to try to review this without spoilers, but it will be challenging!

August and Nashville are now living the country life and August has stepped aside from all of his businesses, running a local feed store and working on technology to improve farming in the area. They are incredibly happy and in love, planning their family’s future, and still have crazy chemistry between them. Sam is continuing to improve on walking without any assistance and eager to work with August on new technology for the farming tractors. When home from school, he brings his friend TR home with him, also a big technology guru, who is eager to help Sam and August out on getting everything up and running. August and Nashville’s little girl is born and everything seems happy and perfect, but August has started receiving mysterious e-mails about a secret when he thought there were no more secrets left. Once again, August is caught up in the sins and secrets his father left behind, that puts the entire family in danger. 

I loved both August and Nash in this novel. August has changed so much since meeting Nash, and I was so happy that they are still so in love and committed to one another in this book. Even though their relationship has shifted to a more stable, normal family life than before, there are still several incredibly hot moments between the two of them. August is focused on his and Nash’s relationship and letting go of all of the non-stop business meetings and travel. Nash is working occasionally as a nurse at the local hospital but spends a lot of this novel planning their wedding, preparing for the baby, and then just spending time with the family. Nash’s best friend Anna is also back in this one, providing some hilarious moments between her and August. Sam’s character is much more prominent and confident, although at times he was a little frustrating because of his eagerness to develop and market the farming technology.

Once again, I found the writing and dialogue easy to follow, as well as, the characters very relatable. These characters face several realistic challenges, ups, and downs throughout the story, as well as, realistic accomplishments and happy moments. The conflict and suspense are not over the top, but also quickly grab your interest pushing you to read on to find out what will happen. I love that Kelly Moore weaved suspense into this romance without it challenging Nash and August’s feelings for one another and what they want. Despite the conflict and issues, it’s comforting knowing that the occurrences are beyond their control, rather than the result of their personal actions. Moore also focused on and developed relationships other than the main couple, especially between August and Sam. The reader really gets to experience how close they are and the bond between them in this novel, although it is heart-wrenching at times. 

For any fan of romance with that little something extra, I highly recommend “This August.” This novel has everything you need for a great read – romance, sexy chemistry, suspense, and the bonds between family and friends. Note that this is not a book to plan on reading over a period of days because once you start reading, you won’t want to do anything else until you finish, AND you do need to read “Next August” first to really get everything this book has to offer. I continue to be so excited and impressed with Kelly Moore, who is such a strong force in this genre. She has quickly filled my Kindle and physical bookshelves, and I look forward to much more from her in the future!

*Many thanks to the wonderful Kelly Moore for providing a copy of this ARC in exchange for an honest review. 

Learn more about Kelly Moore by visiting her web page!

In case you missed it, here is the review of “Next August” that I previously posted!



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