Review: A Second Chance at Forever

A Second Chance At Forever (The Chance Series Book 2), by K.B. Andrews

Publication: January 17, 2017






Synopsis: Lennox finally gets her dream of being a famous country music artist, but everything isn’t going as planned. When she finds herself in trouble, she comes running back to a town and a man she never really wanted to leave.
Giving up hope that the love of his life will ever return, Mason is forced to leave her in the past. When he finally moves forward with someone else, Lennox comes blowing her way back into town, shattering Mason’s world once again.
When trouble follows Lennox home, Mason is determined to save her.
With problems arising all around them, they fight to restore the love they once had.
Will Mason and Lennox get a second chance at forever or will everything their fighting against separate them for good?

My Review:

So, this was not on my planned reading list this week, however, I loved book 1 in this series so much, the sweet author sent me book 2 🙂 This is the follow up to “A Chance at Forever” (see review), and catches us up with Mason and Lennox five years after book 1 finished. Mason is still running the marina, his brother is running the bar and grill, and Mason is basically just bitter. He’s dated and fooled around here and there, but he still hasn’t gotten over Lennox. They tried to stay together initially, but after awhile it became too difficult maintaining a long-distance relationship, especially with her being a famous singer and always in the spotlight. Lennox has made it big in country music and is engaged to Chris, a famous actor, but knows that deep inside she is unhappy and her heart is at home with Mason. When she starts seeing a dark side of Chris, she decides to take some time off and head home to her Dad and Mason. After learning about Lennox’s engagement in the news, Mason finally agrees to try committing to a relationship with a girl that he has been dating, Nicole, but as soon as he does, he finds out that Lennox has come home. 

I loved “A Second Chance at Forever,” possibly even more than the first book! This time the characters are older and have experienced more from life. Both Lennox and Mason have gone through changes, ups and downs over the past 5 years, but they are in still in love and still stop and think about the other one while they are apart. In the beginning, Lennox is definitely not the bright, sparkly and happy girl we met in book 1, but luckily she seems to become more of her true self again as the novel progresses. Not long after Lennox returns home, Chris also begins threatening her friend and assistant, Alissa, so Lennox talks her into coming to join her in her home town and they get an apartment together. Once Mason realizes that Lennox has returned and Lennox learns that Mason has a new girlfriend, you can literally feel the tension and regret as you read this story. As they continue to face obstacles and challenges regarding being together, the reader learns that Alissa has a history with Mason’s brother Dane, as well as, that Ashley is back in book 2 being a stalker, yet again. 

Some of the plot and subplots were fairly predictable, although it did not detract from my enjoyment at all. However, there were several surprises in this novel – some happy, some sad, and some scary. The ending was less of a cliffhanger and more of an HEA, yet the author still left you wanting more with the open ending, wondering what will come next for Mason and Lennox. This installment in the series was full of much more emotion and potentially triggering topics such as physical abuse and stalking, but I was blown away with K. B. Andrews writing style and characterization once again. Her characters are funny, real, and her writing perfectly illustrates their circumstances and emotions throughout the story. It’s obvious how much I adore these first two books in the series, but I have also found a new favorite author to keep on my radar. Her first two novels are outstanding, so I feel sure there will be more greatness to come! I will do my best to exercise patience waiting for book 3 in this series, but I am super excited!!! 🙂 

*Many thanks to K.B. Andrews for providing a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review!

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