Review: A Chance at Forever






Synopsis: Mason knew where his life was going, until it was all taken away from him. Left with bitterness and resentment, he forces himself to live the life he never wanted.
Lennox came blowing into town looking for a new start. She had big dreams and would do anything to make them come true.
Lennox was just what Mason didn’t know he needed.
But what happens when Lennox is offered her dream?
Will Mason let his life walk away from him a second time, or will he fight to keep her?
Written in Mason and Lennox’s POV.




My Review:

” A Chance at Forever” is a fantastic debut romance by author K.B. Andrews! Set in a coastal town, this story is about a young man named Mason whose college and soccer plans changed after the sudden death of his father. At 19, he co-owns two businesses with his older brother, works at his marina every day, and then heads home to watch the stars in the evening. Lennox moves to town with her Dad and meets Mason when inquiring about places to slip their boat. She’s 18 years old and getting ready to start her senior year of high school but has dreams of becoming a professional singer. As soon as Mason and Lennox lay eyes on each other, the attraction is instant, and the two quickly fall for one another. As the relationship deepens Mason has to keep reminding himself that Lennox will want to take off and follow her dreams, while Lennox keeps reminding herself about her dreams and fights the urge to give it all up for Mason. 

Initially, I was surprised about how young each of the characters were in this novel, but surprisingly it didn’t have any impact on the chemistry and emotions between them. Mason was absolutely adorable all though possessive and jealous at times. After the death of his father, he gave up a soccer scholarship to stay in his hometown with his brother to help run his Dad’s marina business and a bar and grill. Although just getting ready to start her senior year of high school, Lennox seemed quite mature for her age at times, but then at other times, I was quickly reminded that she was a high school student. I loved her assertiveness and spunkiness throughout the novel and absolutely thought that she and Mason were a perfect match.

This was a super-fast, addictive novel that I started and finished within a few hours! K.B. Andrews’ writing drew me in immediately and I loved the overall storyline and subplots along the way. I liked how the physical part of their relationship wasn’t rushed but was then surprised by the intensity of their physical relationship for two people their age. Although they certainly are not the first underage people to drink, I was also surprised at the amount of drinking and the ease of being served in public at the bar and grill. At times, I felt like the author considered the characters older than they were? Despite any of that, I don’t remember the last time I became so absorbed with a story and the characters. The ending was not what I expected, again – going back to their ages, but I was truly impressed by Lennox’s mature and brave choice. Andrews reaffirmed the age-old message that not everything is about a guy and that it’s o.k. to follow one’s dreams. However, this novel had a major cliffhanger ending, so now I’m anxiously awaiting reading the second novel in the series and finding out more about Mason and Lennox! I highly recommend this to anyone that enjoys new adult, coming of age, contemporary romance 🙂

*Many thanks to K.B. Andrews for providing a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review. 

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