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Author Interview: Adalina Mae

The other day I posted my review for Adalina Mae’s, “Nothing is Predictable,” and today I am so excited to bring you an interview with the author. I was truly fascinated by this novel so I decided that I must pick her brain a little 🙂 If you missed my review of “Nothing is Predictable,” you can see the review here


Interview with Adalina Mae 

I loved Zara’s story in “Nothing is predictable. Although a fiction novel, what parallels, if any, are there between you and Zara?

Great question Jennifer, the novel is listed as fiction, however, you can also classify it as Roman a Clef, (novel with a key) There are some true events, most scenes and all characters are fictitious. I can confirm that Zara’s childhood years, unfortunately, are my experiences. The relationship with her father and mother are based on my life.

The humor, sarcasm and wittiness are very much my character disposition. I tend to turn negative emotions into positive ones through my sense of humor. Also, the martial arts skills and business engagements are very much me. I created my wittiness into the character along with some herbs and spices if you know what I mean. Hahaha.

However, since the majority of the story is fictitious, I cannot classify it as a memoir or biography. Because really, it’s not. Only certain elements are.

Have you had the opportunity to travel as much as Zara?

All of Zara’s travels are my experiences. That is why I can describe the locations with the emotional attachment that Zara had. Of course, not in the sequence that Zara did.  

Did you associate Zara’s tendency to gravitate towards dishonest men with her abuse as a child?

Absolutely, not just from my experience, also other examples I have seen in life. When people experience childhood abuse and grow up in an unstable environment, the mental effect it has on clear judgment and perception is interesting. I undertook psychological therapy to help me understand the impact my childhood abuse has had on me. If you look at Zara’s experience as a child, who was her role model? He was a loving man when sober but her worst nightmare when drunk. So, she grew up confused not understanding how to read in between the lines.

I’ve noticed on social media and your web site that there are no photos of you (that are not blurred) or a descriptive bio regarding where you live, etc. With so many authors including pictures and details about their lives on their sites, what prompted you to remain so mysterious?

Wow, another great question, you are amazing Jennifer, you certainly did your research. You should be a journalist. Hahaha.

I don’t want to expose myself yet. I know soon I will be on TV and cannot avoid that. For now, my interest is in promoting my book not myself. I am slowly building the courage though. Exposing my childhood incidents is a big thing for me. I need to build my confidence a little more before I get out there. You know what I mean?

However, I do want to help women that have experienced similar incidents, one day I will be able to publicly share it with the press and media. If I can contribute to helping others that have suffered. I most certainly will.

What is one of your top 5 books that you’ve ever read and why do you love it?

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy. For the past decade, I think I’ve read that book over 8 times. I feel revived when I read that. It puts me back in line when I feel my positive thinking is diverting.

I am currently reading Expectation Therapy: Mastering Your Expectations

Book by Art Costello. I am really enjoying it, although I have been flat out and slow with the progress. I am loving it and can see myself reading it often.

You’ve expressed interest in writing a novel that will be adapted for film. Who do you picture as playing Zara, Jamal, or any other characters that you’ve imagined coming to life on the screen?

Oh, yes I am. That is my ultimate dream. Funny you asked that, I am in deep thought regarding some of the characters.  I have a vision and please I must state it’s only my vision, no discussions have been done regarding that. But I do have fun with my imaginations though.

Zara – I am thinking Margot Robbie, she is witty, athletic, I can see her do martial arts and play the role perfectly. I also like Emilia Clarke, I love her, my Khaleesee from Game of Thrones hahaha.

Jamal – Henry Cavil all the way baby. I love him, I love his character and has the right accent. Considering Jamal was from London.

Leandro – Since writing that chapter, the only one I vision that has the Spanish look that I want is William Levy. I am obsessed with him, I think with his looks and physique he would be perfect. But in the contract, the sex rehearsal scenes must be with me though. Hahaha. Gosh! If only!  Step aside Zara, he is mine.

Livio – The Swiss God – Oh dear! This one is a tough one. He must be someone that melts you when watching him. How does Mario Rodrigues sound? Hubba hubba.

Can you imagine a movie with all the above actors in it? There will be endless line-ups at the movies. All of them in one movie. You would need therapy after that.

I’m assuming, based on the ending of “Nothing is Predictable,” that Zara wants to find out more about her father’s death. Can you give us any hints about “Nothing Can Last Forever?”

Well, I can’t say much. I don’t want to spoil it, but I can say, that is resolved in the sequel. Lots of drama there and more romance. Zara hasn’t learned her lesson yet.

When not reading or writing, what is your favorite way to pass the time?

I love movies and series. I do have a ridiculous attachment there.

I also like my beach strolls early in the morning before sunrise. As in 4:30am. I love being on that beach to watch the sunrise as I meditate.

Thank you, Jennifer, I really enjoyed this interview and best of luck in your career.

Thanks so much to Adalina Mae for sharing a little with readers! I especially loved the responses to her ideal actors to play her characters in a movie 🙂 

Purchase “NOTHING IS PREDICTABLE” on Amazon.



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