Book Review: One Magic Kiss

One Magic Kiss, by Holly Cortelyou

Publication: January 27, 2017


With a hopping downtown bar and launching a whole new career adventure, Jake Sterling is much too busy for romance. Besides, he’s already had his heart broken by a cheating ex, so why would he take a chance on love now? But one spilled drink, a perfect lemon cake, and Cara Winslet’s sparkling eyes, might be the very things to change his mind.

Cara Winslet should’ve been on top of the world with a dream job in a lovely Oregon hamlet…but she’s in a love slump. Between getting stood up at a bar and some crazy texts from an ex, why would she even look twice at the sexy, soulful bar owner, Jake?

Can a sprinkling of faerie love dust bring these Valentine hearts together?

My Review:

Due out this week is a sweet, romantic novelette, One Magic Kiss, by Holly Cortelyou. This begins with Violet – bakery owner/spell-maker – in her bakery making some delicious-sounding goodies for Valentine’s Day. When the handsome Jake Sterling walks in, she thinks about his broken heart and how none of her love spells have worked on him. When she spots her new renter and new librarian in town, Cara Winslet, she decides that they would be a perfect match. Jake and Cara keep bumping into each other around town and also both keep hearing the same love songs and voices in their heads as the reader wonders if Violet’s magic lemon cakes will bring these two together! 

Jake and Cara’s story is very short but still a sweet Valentine’s story. It appears that Jake has no interest in finding love at the beginning of the story and is busy running the family bar, as well as, planning an organic farming business. Cara has left the hustle and bustle of the city to work as a librarian in tiny Timber Falls and is also recovering from a recent break-up. After a few spills and awkward moments between them, their chemistry is off the charts! Although intended to be a short novelette, I would have loved a longer story with these characters because they were fantastic, as is the idea of Timber Falls. I don’t want to say much more because I don’t want to give anything away 🙂

I have been a huge fan of Holly Cortelyou and her romance novels for quite awhile, and One Magic Kiss is just another example of her talent and passion that goes into her writing. Anyone in the mood for a sweet romance that leaves you believing in love, this is the novelette to curl up on the couch with! It has the perfect combination of realism, magic, romance and wonder. It has absolutely gotten me in the mood for Valentine’s Day 🙂

*Many thanks to Holly Cortelyou for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review. 

Learn more about Holly Cortelyou and her wonderful romance novels! 


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