Book Review: The Law of Duality



dualitySynopsis: With his wife gone, Sean Case did his best to raise their deaf, seven-year-old son alone. On a day when he did not think things could get any better, the most miraculous thing ever happened, he discovered his son’s ability to communicate with telepathy.

After finding hidden cameras in his home that could have recorded the event, strange things start happening.

As a hybrid monster pursues him and his son, he encounters someone he never expected and another he never knew. He soon learns that the monster is the result of hideous DNA research, but that is not all. Sean Case is the nucleus of the DNA experiments surrounding him and everything he’d known until then are fabricated tales and lies.

The Law of Duality is the gripping, turbulent story of a family being chased by not only a brutal monster intent on killing them but their own horrendous past.

My Review: 

“The Law of Duality” was a complete page-turner with a ton of wild stuff going on! The novel begins with Eva, a molecular biologist, at home with her hearing-impaired son Aiden, and as she wonders to herself where she could have misplaced her pen, Aiden suddenly walks up and places it on the table. After thinking she was crazy and pacing around the house, she realizes that Aiden can communicate with her telepathically and she sits down and enjoys an afternoon of communicating with him back and forth in their minds. Fast-forward two years to Sean raising Aiden on his own, when Sean also learns about Aiden’s ability to communicate telepathically and is overwhelmed with joy that he can “talk” to his son without signing and also able to hear his son’s voice in his head. But one evening when friends are over for dinner, the power goes out during a storm, prompting Sean’s best friend, Alex, to notice a light in a vent in the kitchen. After investigating further, Sean learns that there are numerous cameras hidden all over his home and wired up to an internet server. Sean and Aiden’s lives are suddenly changed as Sean discovers more about the cameras and learns that whoever planted the cameras is now after him and Aiden.  

First of all, I loved Sean’s innocence paired with his protective and caring instincts regarding Aiden. Being a successful science fiction writer, Sean is used to creating fantastic stories, but throughout this novel he continues to learn more and more things that at first seem impossible, although they are not. Besides being on the run from a “big-brother” that’s been watching him, Sean learns that his father-in-law has been cloning and genetically manipulating humans for decades and furthermore, nothing Sean has ever known about his life was true. 

As the story progresses, several great characters come along, including Drake and Gunter who are trying to help Sean and Aiden. They move from place to place trying to avoid this genetically mutated thing that is after them, and Sean continues to be shocked and surprised by more and more things along the way. Eden and Nadia come along, that I can’t really go into because of spoilers, but Nadia is an amazing character in the story with incredible, unique abilities. A character that I disliked from the beginning was Sean’s aunt Millicent. Initially, she just appears overprotective due to raising Sean after the death of his mother and then wanting to care for Aiden, but she quickly became very creepy. 

“The Law of Duality” is absolutely one of the most unique and interesting novels I have read in a while. It is not like anything else and truly embraces several fiction genres. There are sad moments, happy moments, scary moments, and even funny moments as well. The book does have a very happy ending, but before that, there are endless times of stress and suspense. I have to admit that there were times when I was thinking, really, what else could possibly be thrown into this plot. However, it all blended and worked very well and all of the unbelievable elements just added to the overall excitement of the story. Some of the planning between Sean, Eden, Gunter, and the rest of their “crew” dragged on for me, but again, I think it was necessary to stress the challenges they were facing. 

I loved the action in this novel and also the fact that the main character was having to deal with his entire world being turned upside down. This is a fun read that you will read in one sitting just to figure everything out. J.D. Davis is a talented and creative writer that has created a novel that does not disappoint!

*Thanks to the author for providing a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review. 

Purchase “The Law of Duality” on Amazon. 

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