Book Review: Pieces of Gray

“Pieces of Gray” (Broken Pieces Book 4),

by Kelly Moore

Publication: January 7, 2017


Synopsis: Would you risk your life for someone that you love? Would you risk theirs?

Gray Milby was a badass sniper in the Army. She was held captive deep in the jungles of China for two years. She left behind the only man she has ever loved believing that he was dead until now. She risks her life and others to rescue him, returning to the place where her own nightmares come from.

Captain Kell Crew has survived four years of torture, being held captive in a cage. Physically he survived, mentally he will never be the same man that Gray remembers. In order for him to survive again, she has to make the choice of giving him up once more.

A year later they accidently meet again and Kell is drawn to every part of her being. He feels he remembers Pieces of Gray, but how is that possible when he has never met her before? All he knows is that he wants her.

Gray has tried everything to move on with her life and forget about her love for Kell. He forces his way back into her life and she can no longer push him away. Her love for him is too deep. Being with him risks his own life. Their love for each can destroy them both.

Someone else is lurking out there waiting to seek revenge. He just might kill them both.

My Review:

If you follow my blog you already know that I am a Kelly Moore nut having read the first 3 books in the Broken Pieces series, as well as, her stand-alone novel, Next August. And yes, I loved them all. I am trying to be more objective when reading and reviewing regardless of whether I previously loved or disliked an author’s work. However, there is no way to contain my love and excitement for Pieces of Gray!

We’ve read about the parents and we’ve heard Steel and Ady’s story, but this time the focus is on Steel and Syn’s cousin, Gray. As we learned in the last novel, Gray joined the military just like her cousins, where she became an expert sniper. After being captured and tortured in a POW camp, Gray finally gets out and gets home, thinking that the love of her life – Kell Crew – has already been killed.

A few years later, Gray is informed that there is a chance Kell is still alive, so she and Syn risk their lives to find the camp and rescue any prisoners alive. Luckily, Kell makes it out but is a changed man both physically and mentally after 4 years of torture. Back in the U.S. at a military hospital, the doctor’s have run out of options with the exception of an experimental procedure with PTSD patients where their time in the military is erased from their minds and replaced with other memories. The only catch, Gray must stay away from him to avoid triggering his old memories. Kell would get a new life and work as a private detective with her cousin Syn, assigned as his “handler” to ensure that the treatment is effective and the memories don’t resurface. Although she’s lost Kell again, Gray tries to carry on until one night they see each other in a restaurant and Kell is immediately drawn to her. As he tries to get to know her and get more involved in her life, she tries to push him away for his own good, but eventually she can’t fight how they feel for one another. Because of her inability to resist Kell, it results in challenges and hardships for everyone. 

I already loved Gray in the last novel, but was absolutely crazy about her character in Pieces of Gray. Gray is beautiful, caring and feminine, but is also a brilliant and intelligent Veteran. Being raised with her two male cousins and having a Dad that taught her how to handle a gun early in life, Gray is not some petite little flower unable to take care of herself. However, she also has a very sweet and adorable relationship with her cousins Steel and Syn who always want to keep her safe while still remembering that she is an equal. Through Gray’s flashbacks, we learn all the wonderfully sweet, romantic and heart-breaking details about Gray and Kell, what happened before and what happened after they were captured. Moore guides the reader on a journey of the love that developed between them, as well as, their devastation after being captured and separated. Gray’s strength and will were tested repeatedly throughout the story, honestly making me crazy just wanting everything to work out for her. 

Kell is my new book character boyfriend. From Gray’s first flashbacks until the end of the novel I loved everything about that man. I don’t know what else to say. No seriously, I loved how Moore developed his character showing the strong soldier at the beginning, then revealing the prisoner he had become over 4 years, and then the various changes and phases he went through after being rescued. Not only did it address possible effects of PTSD, Moore also demonstrated the difficulties and challenges when one person remembers their love and one does not, almost reminding me of one person of a couple developing dementia or Alzheimer’s.  One thing that definitely could not be ignored was the amazing chemistry between Gray and Kell, but also the continued bonds shared between Gray and her family. 

Something I both love (and sometimes hate, lol) about Kelly Moore is that her writing is so gripping and so realistic that you forget you are reading a book! It feels as if you are right there and a part of everything – both good and bad – but then you reach the ending and realize that it’s over and you’re snapped back into reality! There are never any lulls in her writing, no dull moments that seem to drag, but instead contains non-stop dialogue or action strengthening your personal investment in the characters. It’s impossible not to feel the emotion, concern, fears, joy, and love among this family and the characters in this novel, just as in the 3 previous novels in the series. Once again I have started and finished one of her books within a few hours, completely getting lost in the incredible story with all of its hardships and celebrations. Pieces of Gray is full of romance and suspense, but as always with Kelly Moore, it’s just an outstanding work of fiction that is an absolute must read. 

*Many thanks to the author for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review. 

Learn more about Kelly Moore by visiting her web page.

Pre-order “Pieces of Gray” on Amazon. 



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