Review: George Bailey Gets Saved in the End

“George Bailey Gets Saved in the End,” by Ken O’Neill


georgeSynopsis:Same Holiday. Different George.

George Bailey, who has made a fortune selling Christmas ornaments, is having a rough few days. He’s thrown his back out lifting the Thanksgiving turkey; his father has died and his wife has left him. He’d turn to his best friend for support but said BFF is having an affair with his wife.

Let the holiday season begin!

On the heels of all this misery George meets a new woman, and he also meets Jesus (or perhaps just an awfully nice guy named Jesus). As he scrambles to hold together his floundering family, he must figure out if these strange and wondrous events  are miracles or symptoms of a nervous breakdown.

My Review:

Not too long ago, I received an e-mail from a very kind author, named Ken O’Neill asking if I would be interested in reading and reviewing “George Bailey Gets Saved in the End.” I remember looking over the brief synopsis and thinking, “this sounds fabulous!” However, this novel was so far beyond what I expected and hoped

The novel begins with one horrible thing after another happening to the wonderful main character, George. On Thanksgiving, he hurts his back lifting the turkey, on Black Friday he’s wandering around in sweats and a jacket – no shirt – trying to find somewhere to buy aspirin, finds out his Dad passed away, and then discovers his wife, Tara, is unhappy in the marriage and leaving him. At his father’s wake, he finds Todd, his best friend and doctor getting freaky in the funeral home lounge with his wife and he quickly learns that the family business is on the verge of bankruptcy. Despite all of this, George does have a stroke of good luck when his friend Dennis hooks him up with an apartment to sublet, and helps him re-acquaint himself with the single world! George also meets several new people including a priest, a healer, a woman named Carolyn, a guy named Jesus, and his landlord’s ex-girlfriend that likes to make drunken phone calls to the apartment at 3:15 a.m. because she hasn’t been able to get over her and move on. Overall, this is just an incredible story of a million horrible things happening, but good things coming out of it all in the end 🙂

George Bailey is hands down one of my favorite characters ever! On one hand, he doesn’t deal with his emotions well, bottling things up and shrugging them off rather than feeling. But on the other hand, I love his humorous way to roll with the punches despite what is thrown his way. I also loved how much his incredible grandmother, Nan was referenced throughout this novel. I had a grandmother that was absolute perfection and we were so incredibly close, so it was easy for me to relate to his frequent flashbacks of moments with her and stories of how many lives she touched. I also loved the ex-girlfriend, TJ that would call the apartment George was subletting in the middle of the night! Having never met, they quickly became “phone friends” and started sharing everything about their lives, which I could totally see myself doing in that situation! George is just a character that I believe could be friends with just about anyone. 

This novel is full of so many different sub-plots and the more you read, the more you learn that several of the characters are interconnected in surprising ways. O’Neill’s writing and dialogue varied from very literal and matter-of-fact to complete smartass – which I found insanely engaging and entertaining. Do not be scared of this novel assuming that it’s going to be sad and depressing, because although several sad things happen, this is a novel that leaves you feeling amazing once you are finished. “George Bailey Gets Saved in the End” ranks up there with and is similar to books such as “Never Open Desert Diner” and “Electra 225,” both of which I read and fell in love with this year. This novel is simply a creative and introspective journey of one man and the quirky and surprising ways the world works.

I cannot put into words how much I recommend this novel to all of my readers! Ken O’Neill will completely wow you with this outstanding and unique novel! 

Purchase “George Bailey Gets Saved in the End” on Amazon.  

Learn more about author Ken O’Neill by visiting his web page. 

*Many thanks to the author for providing a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review. 


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