What Am I Reading?

In case you haven’t noticed, I am seriously behind on my TBR list! I got a fun, part-time job for the holidays so have been a little busy, but trying to start catching up!  Here is what I am planning to read and review this week 🙂 

“Teach a Teacher a Lesson: A Dark Romance Novel of Obsession and Revenge,” by Cat Nicolaou

Publication: December 1, 2016

teach.jpgSynopsis: Sam wants revenge. Rita wants to have a good time.
The cruise around the Mediterranean is a gift to herself for her upcoming birthday. Rita is still a timid high-school teacher, but Sam is not the boy she used to know.

Driven by obsession and hate, Sam is determined to break the woman who brought his heart to ruin. Rita’s mere presence, though, brings out feelings he has fought against for years. Will Sam succeed in his quest for revenge or will he be conquered by love?

They are about to embark on a seductive and dangerous voyage that will change their lives.

A dark romance about obsession, revenge and dysfunctional relationships. Adults only.

“Finding Claire (Hill Country Secrets),”

by Pamela Humphrey

Publication: Phrey Press; December 5, 2016

finding claire.jpgSynopsis: She wakes up in the back of a van, and her whole world changes.

Injured and afraid–with no recollection of who she is–she stumbles through the Texas Hill Country with a photo labeled Claire. Seeking safety, she knocks at Alex’s cabin door. He protects her, even though she stirs up memories that haunt him.

She wants her life back. He wants to ease his guilt and will protect her even if it means risking his own life. Together they search, hoping questions will be answered by Finding Claire.




“George Bailey Gets Saved in the End,” by Ken O’Neill

Publication: October 17, 2016

georgeSynopsis:Same Holiday. Different George.

George Bailey, who has made a fortune selling Christmas ornaments, is having a rough few days. He’s thrown his back out lifting the Thanksgiving turkey; his father has died and his wife has left him. He’d turn to his best friend for support, but said BFF is having an affair with his wife.

Let the holiday season begin!

On the heels of all this misery George meets a new woman, and he also meets Jesus (or perhaps just an awfully nice guy named Jesus). As he scrambles to hold together his floundering family, he must figure out if these strange and wondrous events  are miracles or symptoms of a nervous breakdown.

“Love, Alice,” by Barbara Davis

Publication: Berkley; December 6, 2016

love-aliceSynopsis: A year ago, Dovie Larkin’s life was shattered when her fiancé committed suicide just weeks before their wedding. Now, plagued by guilt, she has become a fixture at the cemetery where William is buried, visiting his grave daily, waiting for answers she knows will never come.

Then one day, she sees an old woman whose grief mirrors her own. Fascinated, she watches the woman leave a letter on a nearby grave. Dovie ignores her conscience and reads the letter—a mother’s plea for forgiveness to her dead daughter—and immediately needs to know the rest of the story.

As she delves deeper, a collection of letters from the cemetery’s lost and found  begins to unravel a decades-old mystery involving one of Charleston’s wealthiest families. But even as Dovie seeks to answer questions about another woman’s past—questions filled with deception, betrayal, and heartbreaking loss—she starts to discover the keys to love, forgiveness, and finally embracing the future…

“The Night Before Christmas,” by Rose Collins

Publication: Nursery Box; December 7, 2015

night-beforeSynopsis: It was the night before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring,
Not even a … BEAR ?

Clement Clarke Moore’s much-loved poem is brought beautifully to life in this gorgeous picture book with a twist- as Santa visits a family of bears on Christmas Eve.

Share the Christmas magic and experience a whole new retelling of the timeless Christmas classic.

With beautifully illustrated pages, The Night Before Christmas is the perfect gift for any child.

Happy reading and have a great week!


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