Book Review: Teach a Teacher a Lesson



teach.jpgSynopsis: Sam wants revenge. Rita wants to have a good time.
The cruise around the Mediterranean is a gift to herself for her upcoming birthday. Rita is still a timid high-school teacher, but Sam is not the boy she used to know.

Driven by obsession and hate, Sam is determined to break the woman who brought his heart to ruin. Rita’s mere presence, though, brings out feelings he has fought against for years. Will Sam succeed in his quest for revenge or will he be conquered by love?

They are about to embark on a seductive and dangerous voyage that will change their lives.

A dark romance about obsession, revenge and dysfunctional relationships. Adults only.

My Review: 

This is my 3rd time reading Cat Nicolaou and let me begin by saying that “Teach a Teacher a Lesson” is quite different from her other novel and collection of short stories! Start with the age-old story of the first day of senior year and a young man sees a hot teacher. Sam, who is 18 years old and has his whole, happy life ahead of him, spots Rita – the new History teacher on the first day of school. Rita is 25 and this is her first teaching job and her Principal, Chris is a well-known historian that for some reason, unknown to her, left a position at a university to become a high school Principal. Rita is immediately attracted to Chris and it’s not long before sparks are flying between the two of them. Unfortunately for Sam, his teacher doesn’t return his affections of love, and after grabbing and kissing her, he is expelled and his father forces him to enlist in the military. 

Fast-forward 10 years and Sam is now 28 and the successful second in command on a cruise ship. He’s taller, more muscular, has a beard, and is a grown man when one day he spots Rita coming aboard his ship. Sam’s new mission in life is to get revenge and break her heart as she did his all of those years ago. But as he puts his plan into action, the lines become blurred about whether he wants revenge or if he’s really still in love with his teacher. 

“Teach a Teacher a Lesson” is a hard novel to review without giving away spoilers, but I will do my best. I am torn regarding my feelings for this novel, because I can’t decide if Sam is creepy and needs to be hospitalized away from society, or if he really has spent the past 10 years in love with Rita and really wants to be with her. Sam seems to be popular with fellow staff on the ship, as well as, locals where they frequently port – but the entire novel he flips flop back and forth between batshit crazy and then completely romantic and sweet. Although I liked Rita, I felt she was careless with her Principal, especially with it being her first teaching job. As someone who taught high school for many years, I can empathize with her situation of silly students flirting and trying to get her attention, which I thought she handled appropriately. What I couldn’t believe is her inability to recognize Sam once they meet on the ship! Back to being torn, part of me completely agreed with her reactions towards the end of her time on the cruise ship, while part of me wanted to her to sit down and talk to Sam and get things out in the open – but I can’t elaborate without spoiling it for you! This novel was very fast-paced, sometimes a little too much, but still very enjoyable and absolutely an entertaining read. I did have serious issues with the ending, but that was my own personal irritations with the novel ending when I wanted to know more about what was yet to come. I am hoping that Cat plans to continue this story, but I haven’t heard if this is the case or not. I enjoyed this novel because of its unique twist on a young man crushing on his teacher. 

I enjoyed this novel because of its unique twist on a young man crushing on his teacher. If you feel like you’ve been reading a lot of the same thing recently, this is definitely a new and different story with the perfect blend of romance, mystery and characters that make you want to channel your inner therapist/psychologist! Lastly, about the author, Cat Nicolaou, I have to give her the highest praise for being able to write such completely different novels. I recognize her writing style, of course, but hats off to this woman that can go in so many different directions with her writing – and do it well. 

Learn more about Cat Nicolaou by visiting her web page. 

Keep an eye out for “Teach a Teacher a Lesson” December 1st!



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