Book Review: Christmas Morning

“Christmas Morning: A Cape Harriet Novel,” by Roma Brooks

Publication: November 7, 2016


Synopsis: Christmas has come to Cape Harriet, and this year, it’s all about second chances! Christmas Morning is an emotionally gripping novel in the tradition of Clipper Beach and Wicked Summer. James & Sandhya have found unexpected love, but their future will be decided by a tormented child. A newly married couple find their vows tested to the limit. A wounded vet finds himself in a Christmas nightmare. Zadie’s dishing up special Christmas treats, and the town is decked up for the holidays. As the mercury dips, everyone eagerly awaits Christmas Morning. Stoke up the fire, have a warm drink at hand, and snuggle up to enjoy this sweet contemporary romance, spiced up with a dash of intrigue.
*includes festive recipes from Zadie’s kitchen

My review: 

I love the Cape Harriet series by Roma Brooks and “Christmas Morning” did not disappoint. In this installment, Sandhya has brought her daughter Leena over to the U.S. from India, and is taking her to Cape Harriet for the holidays to meet James. The Rising Tides Inn is also hosting Dylan, and injured veteran from Afghanistan, as well as, a couple from Connecticut, Trey and Muffy – along with their 6-month-old son, Cole. The innkeepers Zadie and Pete are just as hospitable as ever, and the food sounds just as yummy as ever!

I loved this novel because although it was mostly based on holidays and romance , there was also a nice blend of suspense and mystery surrounding Trey and Muffy, as well as, internal and external conflict involving Dylan and Cathy. The drama related to Trey and Muffy was an interesting and entertaining subplot, although I sort of felt like it was wrapped up rather suddenly. There’s still much to be known about Dylan and Cathy’s future, making me wonder if we will see them again in a future novel!?! I must admit that back when I read “Clipper Beach” I wasn’t crazy about Sandhya, but she seemed softer and more approachable/likable in this book, although she was a crazy, overprotective mother making her 11-year-old daughter take afternoon naps. James was completely sweet, romantic and adorable this time around as he tried to build a relationship with Leena, and grew even closer to Sandhya. 

“Christmas Morning” is a feel-good romance that is perfect to get you into the holiday spirit! This book is full of selfless acts for others, a community working together to create a celebration and as I said earlier – a lot of delicious recipes! There are several that I made a note of that I hope are as tasty as they sound – specifically the creamy mushroom soup! How wonderful it would be if Zadie was real and I could visit for the weekend just to eat 🙂 Even if you have not read the previous books in this series, it can absolutely be read as a standalone and provides enough “back story” to prevent any confusion or questions for a reader new to the series. I highly recommend adding this to the top of your TBR then sit back with a cup of coffee or tea, and enjoy!

*Thanks to the author for providing a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review. 

Purchase “Christmas Morning” on Amazon. 


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