Book Review: Kiss Me at Last




Melinda York has every last penny tied up in her business remodel so the last thing she needs is a complication—like Sean McMallory. But when “McGrumpy” blows through her front door with a hammer and a toolbox, Melinda knows she’s in for it and now the rude jerk who humiliated her at the town council meeting is her new construction partner. With Melinda buried in sawdust and the exasperating, but ever-so-sexy, Sean constantly underfoot, how is she supposed to maintain her professional poise and quit daydreaming about his broad shoulders and kissable lips?

Sean McMallory likes his life simple and straightforward, and his plate is full with a booming construction business and family responsibilities. When a cousin begs a favor, he’s plunged neck-deep into the whirlwind that is the elegant, jet-setter Melinda York and her wine bar renovation.  There’s just no trusting the flirty Melinda even if he can’t take his eyes off her long legs and teasing eyes. So he’ll stick with his beer and country roads and she can keep her bottles of bubbly and fancy truffles!

Can one kiss build a bridge to love and heal their wounded hearts?

My Review:

“Kiss Me at Last” was such a fun, romantic and quick read!  I was already addicted to the Wescott Springs series and this one doesn’t disappoint. If you have read the others in the series then you remember Melinda from the wine bar, and this is her story with the adorable sexy Sean. Melinda has renovations planned for the wine bar and is busy packing things away for the construction to begin when her contractor gets injured in an accident. Her designer Jill calls Sean asking him to squeeze the project in, which he agrees. The irony of this story is that Melinda is crazy about Sean and Sean is crazy about Melinda – but they each think the other hates them over a council meeting dispute they had a few months back. Regardless of their attraction for each other, Melinda thinks Sean is moody and rude and Sean thinks Melinda is all high and mighty, but as they work together on her renovations they realize they were wrong about each other. 

Something I really loved about this novella was the undeniable chemistry between Sean and Melinda. The author writes steamy and romantic scenes without going over the top with the details, but as the reader, you can still feel the sparks between the characters. Honestly – I developed quite a crush on Sean in very little time! Melinda has some personal conflict going on getting over things with her ex-husband, Diego, but at one point I think she kind of went too far while battling her past demons. Sean also had past hurts that he still thought about, but seemed more open about processing and moving on. Besides that one thing with Melinda, I loved her and Sean both and really enjoyed their story, but I wish it would have been longer! 

 “Kiss Me at Last” is another example of Holly Cortelyou’s realistic yet addictive contemporary romance writing. The characters, setting, conflicts and resolutions are all believable and relatable, but still allows you to escape into a fun romance. Holly Cortelyou is one of those authors that once you read one of her books, you will definitely want to read them all!

Learn more about Holly Cortelyou by visiting her web page.

*Thanks to the wonderful author for providing me a copy of this ARC in exchange for an honest review. 


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