What Am I Reading?

Here is what I am planning and hoping to read and review this week. It looks like everything on my list for this week is an author I have not yet read before except for Holly Cortelyou, so it should be an exciting week 🙂 I haven’t exactly figured out my order yet, but here is the list:

Catch a Falling Star (Shooting Stars Series Book 1),

by Leah Downing

Publication: Full Net Enterprises; March 13, 2016

Set against a backdrop spanning from the Canadian tundra to the red carpets of Hollywood, Catch a Falling Star follows Lauren St. Germain as she tries to carve out a fresh start after being cleared from charges that alleged she had assisted in a homeland terrorist attack. In an attempt to feel normal again, Lauren quiets her world by steering clear of media and immersing herself in yoga. This results in a practitioner position through her Los Angeles yoginis–teaching actors for an upcoming film. This is where Lauren meets film star, James Bayer, and her new life, that of a recluse, becomes threatened by one, simple obstacle: attraction.
But if no one finds out about us, then no one gets hurt…right? This question has remained on repeat in her mind since that one night under the prophetic Northern Lights. This relationship could cost Lauren everything–most of all her privacy and hard-acquired peace of mind. Is James worth that risk?
This multi-layered plot will keep readers captivated to the very last line.

Kiss Me at Last (a Westcott Springs Novella),

by Holly Cortelyou

Publication: November 15, 2016


Melinda York has every last penny tied up in her business remodel so the last thing she needs is a complication—like Sean McMallory. But when “McGrumpy” blows through her front door with a hammer and a toolbox, Melinda knows she’s in for it and now the rude jerk who humiliated her at the town council meeting is her new construction partner. With Melinda buried in sawdust and the exasperating, but ever-so-sexy, Sean constantly underfoot, how is she supposed to maintain her professional poise and quit daydreaming about his broad shoulders and kissable lips?

Sean McMallory likes his life simple and straightforward, and his plate is full with a booming construction business and family responsibilities. When a cousin begs a favor, he’s plunged neck-deep into the whirlwind that is the elegant, jet-setter Melinda York and her wine bar renovation.  There’s just no trusting the flirty Melinda even if he can’t take his eyes off her long legs and teasing eyes. So he’ll stick with his beer and country roads and she can keep her bottles of bubbly and fancy truffles!

Can one kiss build a bridge to love and heal their wounded hearts?

Poetic Justice, by Ray Floyd

Publication: PartridgeAfrica; Reprint edition; December 30, 2015


Synopsis: Brad Peterson is a highly trained Special Forces operative. With less than a month of military service left, he is looking forward to a bright future in the civilian sector. His last mission in Afghanistan goes horribly wrong, leaving him injured and his best friend dead. Back in the United States and recuperating from his injuries, he receives the astonishing news that he has inherited a multibillion-dollar fortune from a long-lost family member. Free at last from the army, he heads to Las Vegas with unlimited funds at his disposal. He immerses himself in gambling, alcohol, and women in an effort to erase the guilt he feels over his best friend’s death. Only after he finds himself in jail following a bar fight does he see the light. Using his newfound wealth, he creates the Peterson Foundation. Aided by an ex-Special Forces team, the foundation takes on an evil warlord in Africa as well as Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean. With his life hanging in the balance, Brad seeks redemption in the war-torn Dark Continent.

Single by Christmas: A funny, heart warming, feel good, Christmas romance, by Rosa Temple

Publication: October 2, 2016

single-by-xmasSynopsis: You’ve heard the saying, ‘opposites attract’ haven’t you? Well, meet 27-year-old Alex Marshall, a party girl with a penchant for free-flowing Prosecco, and her devilishly handsome scientist boyfriend, Charlie, who loves jazz and dinner for two.
Alex and Charlie are together for 11 blissful months until Alex goes out of town and does something she will later regret. Was she drunk? You bet. Does she want Charlie to know? Well, what do you think?
With the couple about to spend their first Christmas together will Charlie be the forgiving kind or will Alex be Single by Christmas?
This is a feel good, Christmas novel with very few mince pies, not much snow and absolutely no mistletoe – just a couple of best friends, a sociopathic nemesis and a lot of drinking.

Life, Love and Death: Short Stories, by Cat Nicolaou

Publication: February 25, 2016



Love hurts like a thorn when red lips give a last kiss on a rainy day on the island of bliss.

Life, Love and Death is a collection of short stories of Romance, Crime, Horror and Comedy.





Happy reading everyone and have a great week! 


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