Book Review: Start Again



start-againSynopsis: Kate Taylor had the perfect life. That is until an accident took everything she had away. For two years she has been living moment to moment and day-to-day. She’s lost and can’t seem to find her way back. Finally, in a last-ditch effort, she decides to leave town in search of a fresh start. In walks Ryan Grant – a family friend who is thrust upon her. Ryan is amazing. The perfect man with dark hair and sexy green eyes. Doesn’t hurt that they have smoldering chemistry either.
Ryan Grant is stuck in limbo, floating through life with work as his only focus. Probably because he’s been betrayed a time or two by the people he thought he could trust. Needing a change, he plans on moving his company west to Seattle. There is just one big problem. He doesn’t fly. So when a girl from his past offers to drive him across the country, how could he say no? Katie is his dream girl after all. Always has been.

Warning: Strong language and moderate sexual content

My Review:

Once again I am absolutely crazy over J. Saman and her writing! “Start Again” is the story of Katie and Ryan as they take a crazy road trip across the country. Katie, a young and beautiful nurse, has endured the worst possible tragedy and is just getting through each day until she decides that she’s had enough, is packing up, and moving. Ryan, a brilliant, sexy, computer guru, has a fear of flying but needs to get to Seattle in the next month. So their moms “set them up” to drive across the country together. Although they first met as little children, Katie doesn’t remember Ryan at first, but Ryan has never forgotten Katie. They immediately click and become fast friends, but as their road trip continues they start noticing things changing between them. But Katie isn’t ready to move on from her past and start a new relationship, which leaves Ryan with the realization that things may be over once their road trip ends. 

It is impossible not to quickly fall in love with both Katie and Ryan! They are both completely themselves without worrying what others think and have quick-witted banter between them that reminds me of people who have been best friends their entire lives. Katie has not been successful with moving on with her life after what happened but quickly finds herself loosening up and relaxing with Ryan. The problem is the guilt she feels over the feelings she starts to develop for him, feeling as if she is betraying her past. Ryan is completely adorable, cute, and hilarious from the beginning and I fell head over heels for this man as the story progressed. 

Ryan is completely adorable, cute, and hilarious from the beginning and I fell head over heels for this man as the story progressed. The way he treats her, how he listens to her, and the things he does for her – just to make her feel special – are just incredibly sweet and sexy there are just not enough words to describe him. Ryan develops feelings for Katie very quickly, still remembering how taken he was with her when they met as children. Although he knows she’s not ready to move on with anyone else, he decides that he’ll enjoy and be grateful for what time he does have with her, although it gets more difficult as the end of the trip draws near. 

J. Saman has written a beautiful yet painful story about love and loss and all of the crazy emotions combined within ourselves. Her writing style is so simple and easy to read but it perfectly captures what the characters and thinking and feeling, making it unavoidable to experience those emotions right along with them as you read. This incredible novel addresses love, marriage, death, and most importantly, how it is o.k. to move on with one’s life, despite tragedies that have happened. This is absolutely  one of those books where I was so disappointed when it was over because I wanted more of Katie and Ryan. “Start Again” is not your average romance novel, but contains perfectly complex characters with an engaging and addictive story line. There is some sexual content but that’s not what this is about, it’s just about two people discovering themselves, what matters, and what they want in life. If you like contemporary romance, then I cannot recommend this novel enough! I cannot wait to read more from this extraordinary author in the future and am crossing my fingers she will send me something else very soon!

Learn more about J. Saman by visiting her web page. 

Purchase “Start Again” on Amazon. 

*Many thanks to the author for providing a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review. 



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