Book Review: Happy Friends





Synopsis: “Happy Friends” tells how unusual friendships can be formed between very diverse creatures. The main character is Little Tail the dog who goes on a journey of discovery in search of his heart’s desire, Snow. Having left all his friends behind he has to survive on his own, relying only on his good heart, high spirits and the one leafy book he brought along, “The Book of Life”. His journey back home is one of discovery and adventure. For home is where your… friends are.




What a wonderful collection of stories to read to your little one! Patricia Furstenberg’s “Happy Friends” is a collection of 12 different stories with characters such as Pete, a yellow toy elephant, a blue lizard named Murphy, the Summer wind, and an adventurous traveling dog named Little Tail. I have to admit that Little Tail was my favorite, although every character was beautiful and had special significance.

It’s been quite a while since I have read a children’s book and I really enjoyed this collection of stories. There are such strong themes of friendship, adventure, and positive thinking from beginning to end! There is such happiness and love and acceptance in this collection, making these perfect stories at bedtime, or especially if your little one has had a bad day and needs their spirits lifted. Furstenberg’s beautiful writing and vivid imagery make these stories wonderful to read aloud, but not at a level too difficult for a child to understand. I loved all of the positive messages and lessons in each story about friendship, especially the beauty of unlikely friendships.

I absolutely recommend this book to anyone that loves reading aloud to their children, grandchildren, siblings, and so on. Each story is full of love and happiness that will leave you and your little one with a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Purchase “Happy Friends” on Amazon.

*Thanks to the author for providing a copy fo this collection in exchange for an honest review.

*I read the entire collection, but each of the 12 stories can also be purchased individually



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