Book Review: Lust, Money & Murder 9





Synopsis: While in Sudan, Elaine Brogan receives new information about Stanley Ketchum, and it’s a game changer. She realizes that the plan that she and Giorgio Cattoretti agreed upon to have Raj Malik arrested will no longer work without significant modification. Will The Cat go along with it? And can she avoid the deadly Janjaweed warriors and escape from Sudan alive?





Lust, Money, & Murder Book 9 – Escape from Sudan is Mike Wells at his best! Book 9 begins with Elaine and Stanley trying to get out of the mine after Elaine has shot him in the leg. Stanley Ketchum is obviously furious having thought Elaine a golddigger wife from Texas named Jennifer, but Elaine refuses to leave him behind. Once Dmitry picks them up, there is non-stop action involving the Janjaweed, rain storms, and wildlife. Nick wakes up in a cage at the home of dogfighters, unsure what will happen next to both him and Isabella as he tries to figure out an escape plan. Despite constant obstacles, Elaine thinks they will be able to bring Raj down for smuggling the pink diamonds, but she soon learns that the Cat’s plan was quite a bit different from what he had told her.

This installment of the series was nothing but constant action, twists, and turns from beginning to end. Just when I thought that life would ease up on Elaine a bit, something else would happen that she had to overcome. It was the same for poor Dmitry dealing with Sudanese rebels, elephants, and muddy sinkholes! I continue to respect Elaine’s respect for life, even if they are criminals, but there were times during this book I really wanted her to just shoot the Cat in the head! Luna stepped up once again keeping the home fires burning all while doing her own investigation of Raj. I still love Nick, but he is going to have to earn back my respect after his behavior, lol! By far the most shocking turn of events was the ending, actually causing me to say a few choice words because I couldn’t believe what happened and that the story was over so now, I must wait for Book 10!

I am trying not to sound like a broken record considering I have read and review all 9 books in this series, but there just aren’t enough words to describe Mike Wells’ incredible writing style and plot twists. Every line and every action is significant in building the plot and characterization, not to mention completely addictive! Wells’ truly exhibits the gift of storytelling, leaving you feeling as if you’ve just stepped off the best roller coaster of your life once you finish the book. I highly recommend this book and series to anyone that likes crime fiction, thrillers, and suspense. This is flawless and exciting writing that you will not soon forget!

Learn more about Mike Wells by visiting his web page. If you have not yet read any of this series, you can download Book 1 for free when you visit his page!

Purchase Lust, Money & Murder Book 9 on Amazon.

*Thanks to Mike Wells for providing a copy of this novel in exchange for my honest review.


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