Book Review: Lust, Money, & Murder 8





Synopsis: In an extraordinary twist of fate, Elaine Brogan and Luna Faye end up joining forces with Giorgio Cattoretti to try to take down Raj Malik. At the end of Book 7, Elaine learned that Raj is smuggling diamonds out of a secret mine in Central Africa. Her mission is to go to Chad and find the location of the mine at all costs. Can she pull it off? And can she really trust Giorgio Cattoretti?




Review: Any time that I read one of Mike Wells’ books in the Lust, Money & Murder series, I always say it’s the best one yet in the series. However, I’m slowly learning over time that they are all just completely fantastic! This one picks up right where the last one left off with Elaine and Cattoretti aboard a yacht planning his next crime – to locate the mine where Raj is smuggling in diamonds. The Cat has everything all planned out to open a diamond cutting facility in Croatia and “go straight,” buying and selling the diamonds legally. He just needs Elaine to meet and convince Raj’s partner, Stan Ketchum to take her along to wherever the mine is. Once she gives the Cat the GPS coordinates, she’s free to go and get her revenge on Raj. In the meantime, Nick is dealing with his whirlwind of emotions after realizing that it was Isabella that he had been with since the black site, as well as, his growing frustration and worry over Elaine and her whereabouts. Luna. Dmitry and Tony are all back again taking care of the children and doing their own part to help Elaine and Nick. 

One of my favorite aspects of Mike Wells’ writing is his fantastic characterization. Every word of every line is relevant to understand the characters, where they’ve been and how they became who they are. Whether a good guy or a bad guy, you know these characters and begin to see patterns in their behavior throughout each novel in the series. Especially with Nick, Elaine, and Cattoretti, I have learned that they each have a good side and a dark side. Nick and Elaine are obviously not as bad as the Cat, but the development of the characters and the situations they encounter demonstrates that sometimes the lines are blurred between good and bad. Raj is one of those characters that you cannot help but hate, but then when he’s running errands with his children and taking them to the movies, you have to stop and remind yourself that he’s also a person with a family that he loves, not just a monster. As Elaine meets and gets to know Stan in this installment, he is definitely one of those where the lines are blurred because he seems so intelligent, interesting, caring, and so on. At times I had to remind myself that he was a bad guy, and other times, he made it quite clear on his own!

As typical with this series, Book 8 was overflowing with non-stop action and exciting twists and turns. I gave up trying to make any predictions about his plots long ago because I realized that right when I think I am figuring out what is going to happen, I end up wrong. Although these books are obviously fiction, I honestly feel like I learn things as I read them. Wells provides such detailed information about where the characters are, what the government is like and what the people are like that I forget I’m reading a fictional novel. I had never read this sort of genre before Mike Wells and I crossed cyber-paths, however, I have read some other crime fiction/suspense novels since I discovered the Lust, Money & Murder Series. I must say, Mike nails it in this genre, far above and beyond other novels I have read. He goes above and beyond with his exciting storylines and the perfect mixture of fiction, romance, suspense, and crime. 

I know I say this every time I review one of this series, but if you have not yet checked these out, you are missing out.  The first book in the series can be downloaded for free and it does not disappoint. I love this series and Book 8 was absolutely outstanding. I cannot wait to read and review the newly released Book 9, which will probably be in the next few days 🙂

Learn more about Mike Wells by visiting his web page.

Purchase Lust, Money & Murder: Book 8 on Amazon. 

*Disclaimer: I received a copy of this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review. 




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