Book Review: Forward




Synopsis: Lara finally has everything going for her. Perfect job, great apartment and a boyfriend who loves her. That is, until one night when her past and present collide.
The man who she thought she’d love forever vanished without a trace seven years ago. Suddenly he has returned and is making waves in Lara’s life.
Her new boyfriend Tom, is perfect. Smart, sexy and loving with a British accent Lara can’t help but love. When Tom asks her for a future in another country, Lara finds she desperately wants it, despite the obstacles that come with that future.
Now Lara has to decide who she wants to move forward with.
The man of her past or the man of her present.


I recently met up with author J. Saman on Goodreads and am so very glad, because I have the honor to bring you a review today for her fantastic new adult/contemporary romance, “Forward.” Have you ever had a first love that broke your heart and it still stings a little? If so, you will totally relate to this novel. Seven years ago, Lara’s first love, Levi, left her in the middle of the night without a word, breaking her heart into pieces. Now Lara is a successful emergency department nurse in New York, almost finished with her Masters program to become a nurse practitioner, and is dating an amazing, handsome guy named Tom. Although eternally sleep-deprived, Lara is happy with her life, her boyfriend, and her best buddy/roommate Amara. Then one night she heads into a room to stitch up a hand and she sees Levi. And it doesn’t end there. Suddenly her ex that broke her heart is propelled into her daily life, and of course, he wants her to hear his story about why he suddenly left that night seven years ago. In the meantime, Tom is offered a dream position in London which would reunite him with his family and loved ones, and of course, he wants Lara to go with him. 

From the female perspective, I initially was annoyed by Levi for showing back up in Lara’s life when things are going so well and she’s moved on with her life. But once he explains why he left and they spend more time around each other, it’s clear that no one has moved on and he did have a legitimate excuse for disappearing. So Lara is stuck choosing between her past and first love, her future and the man she loves now, or neither.  Leaving the country with Tom would take her away from the job and people that she loves, but staying behind would be the eventual end of their relationship. And how do you know that someone that hurt you before won’t do it again?

First, Lara doesn’t need a man to complete her life. She’s driven, smart, successful, gorgeous, and has a contract as a nurse practitioner waiting for her upon graduation. The problem is, after Levi shows back up in her world, she has two men that love her and neither is a bad guy. They both have their positive and negative traits like any normal human and they both want to spend their lives with her.  Lara is distant and angry with Levi when he first comes back into her life, but it doesn’t take long to realize his honest intentions and that at the time he left her, he had no choice. Tom’s a good guy too. Wealthy, sexy, successful – but completely oblivious to who Lara really is and what’s important to her. I give him props, however, for several wonderful, selfless gestures. This is one of the oldest stories in the book – past love or new love – but the author presented this in such a unique way that this particular love story stands out among others. I’ve said in other reviews that as entertaining as billionaire love stories can be, it’s always refreshing to read about characters that are people you may actually know. Tom’s in business/accounting (although wealthy), Levi’s a 4th-year med student, and Lara and her best friend Amara are nurses. 

 They have issues, lose tempers, get emotional, piss people off – but at the end of the day, they are relatable characters. While reading this, I realized that for the majority of the novel I didn’t find myself rooting for one guy over the other, but just for Lara, herself, to figure out what would make her happy. By the end of the novel, I was completely enamored with one of the guys, but I won’t tell which one 🙂 This novel is a page-turner that you won’t put down because you’ll be dying to see who ends with who or where. 

 I have read two reviews of this novel complaining about the editing. Either I do not have as keen an eye as they do, which is entirely possible, or I was too engrossed in the story itself because I didn’t notice. There are some slangy expressions and comments, but that made it more realistic to me as if I were standing there listening to the characters speak. I truly loved everything about this novel and personally think it would make a fabulous movie 🙂 I have another novel of J. Saman’s to read, which is not a continuation of Lara’s story, but I really hope she revisits these incredible characters again in the future. I completely recommend this novel to any lover of new adult romance or anyone that can relate to a struggle between an old love and a new one. 

Purchase “Forward” on Amazon! 

Learn more about author J. Saman by visiting her web page. 

*Disclaimer: I received a copy of this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review.


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