Book Review: The Game of Sexes




Synopsis: Evie is twenty years old and has never been with a man. Now she’s ready to do so. Only the man she’s madly in love with and whom she’s chosen to give her virginity to, is her stepfather, the charming shipping magnate, Sir Sebastian.
Evie tries everything to conquer Sebastian, but when she finally manages to win his love, she discovers that he’s not entirely hers. And it’s not because he hasn’t divorced her mother yet. Soon Evie will discover that her mother is not her real rival.
Their marriage was nothing more than a social façade.Sebastian’s heart is split in two, but her real rival is neither a man nor a woman. Or rather – it’s both together. The perfect man and the perfect woman in the same body. The hermaphrodite captain Sirocco. The mysterious ship VERTIGO is their secret hideaway. What role will Evie play between the two lovers? Very soon life will make it clear that in their case, there are no clear-cut male and female roles. Everyone will have to improvise.


Review: And now, for something completely different! I read “The Game of Sexes,” by Opal K. Dante last night, and had to sleep on it before writing my review. This is the story of 20-year-old Evie, who is hormonal, sexually frustrated and secretly in love with her stepfather, Sebastian. Realizing that she is coming of age and has “needs,” Sebastian and her mother throw her a birthday party inviting swarms of eligible bachelors. One young man, Alex, instantly falls in love with her and wants to marry her but she still has her heart set on Sebastian.

After several attempts at getting Sebastian’s attention, he finally gives in after learning that Evie’s mother has left him for another man. However, before he will take her virginity he insists on her traveling on the ship VERTIGO and meeting Captain Sirocco. When Evie finally meets the Captain, she is in awe at how perfectly beautiful he is, and then realizes that he is a hermaphrodite. Evie also learns that Sebastian and Sirocco have been in a romantic relationship for many years and to be with Sebastian means sharing him with Sirocco. Besides Evie, Sebastian and Sirocco’s story, there are tons of side stories involving Evie’s mother, Sebastian’s father, other men her mother has been involved with, and Sirocco’s long-lost mother. At times I felt there were too many sub-plots to this novel and that it was really being overdone, yet I still couldn’t stop turning the pages to find out more.

At times I felt there were too many sub-plots to this novel and that it was really being overdone, yet I still couldn’t stop turning the pages to find out more. I consider myself an extremely open-minded person, however, a good deal of this novel was just a bit much for me. I respect and admire Dante’s honesty within her characters, revealing their true selves no matter how shocking or unusual it appears, but Evie was actually annoying at times. This girl was completely obsessed with anything sexual and would do anything, with anyone, at any time. There were also some “on-the-fly” doctor’s appointments and medical procedures that were completely unbelievable, but also necessary to the development of the plot. Physical realizations concerning Evie (towards the end) felt almost silly, but then again, this is one of those novels where anything goes. Admittedly, I was fascinated by Sirocco initially, but as the novel ended I began to lose respect for both him and Sebastian.

Dante’s writing is easy to follow and fast-paced, and as previously stated, you can’t help but keep burning up the pages to find out what will happen next. There were times where I just thought something was too far-fetched and almost stopped reading, but I couldn’t help wanting to finish it. I was a bit disappointed by the ending because I didn’t feel there was closure. Perhaps she plans on writing a follow-up or she is wanting the reader to imagine their own conclusion to the Evie, Sebastian, Sirocco love triangle. Hats off to the author for writing a completely original story with characters unlike any others. This novel may not appeal to all readers but there is no disputing the fact that Dante has written something completely different from any other novels out there. I honestly don’t know if I loved this book or hated it, lol, but it was absolutely a unique and compelling read. Once again, I must say that Dante stands out as a fearless writer with a limitless imagination with a powerful ability to pull the reader into the story.

Purchase The Game of Sexes on Amazon.

*Disclaimer: I received a copy of this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review.


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