Book Review: The Green Tunnel




green-tunnelSynopsis: “The Green Tunnel, A Hiker’s Appalachian Trail Diary” is the true-life story of a retiree’s joys, challenges, and physical rigors while thru-hiking the entire 2,185 miles of the Appalachian Trail in one great epic walk. The book’s title refers to the nickname, Green Tunnel, given by hikers for deeply-shaded trail sections that cut through dark and densely-wooded forests. All too often, tree canopies block out all sunlight or views of the sky, sometimes for hundreds of miles. Readers follow RW as he walks north, starting out from the cold winter mountains of Georgia, until he finally reaches Maine during the height of New England fall colors. Along the way, readers encounter a fugitive from the FBI, internationally-known backpackers, the homeless, plus many other hikers seeking adventure or redemption. Trail angels often come to the rescue. Journal entries are frequently peppered with humorous and historical anecdotes, along with colorful descriptions of the swiftly changing scenery and seasons. Readers will also find a good deal of useful backpacking information, from the many firsthand tips and advice on equipment, food, trail culture, lodging, and the hazards of wilderness hiking.

Review: I was crazy about this first-hand account of the Appalachian Trail from Patrick Bredlau! I’ve always loved hiking so I was immediately drawn to this book, although I would never attempt anything like the entire AT. The preparation, training and hiking highs and lows were all fascinating and I was completely consumed in this book. Initially, I thought it looked interesting but didn’t expect it to become such a page-turner. Bredlau gives a very raw and honest account of the emotional and physical pain involved in thru-hiking the AT, as well as, wonderful accounts of all of the sights and people along the way.

Living in Roanoke, Virginia, I loved hearing about familiar trails in the book, as well as, familiar hotels and restaurants. Also, I learned so much from “The Green Tunnel!” I didn’t know about trail angels and trail magic, people that shuttle the hikers in and out of town, and didn’t know about slackpacking. I naively thought thru-hikers got on the trail and hiked, stopping at hostels and post offices along the way.  This has inspired me to follow trail diaries next year to see when people will passing through and visiting to leave a little trail magic myself!

Whether you are a hiker or not, this is a very entertaining and interesting memoir that is absolutely worth checking out. If you’ve ever considered hiking the AT, then I absolutely recommend reading this book because it is very straightforward and honest about injuries, illnesses and all of the other crazy twists and turns that can occur while tackling 2185 miles on a trail.

Learn more about Patrick Bredlau by visiting his web page.

Purchase “The Green Tunnel A Hiker’s Appalachian Trail Diary” on Amazon.

*I received this novel from Reading Deals in exchange for an honest review.


2 thoughts on “Book Review: The Green Tunnel”

  1. It amazes me that someone could hike that far. And the thought of all those dense woodlands without sight of sky kind of creeps me out. I have no doubt, however, that this surely is am amazing read. Your review sucked me in!

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