Review: Lust, Money & Murder Book 6






Synopsis: When Secret Service agent Elaine Brogan fails to capture Giorgio Cattoretti yet again, the Italian criminal mastermind conceives a devious plan to capture her. Join Elaine, Giorgio, Nick, Tony, Luna, Dmitry and Lexy on another “unputdownable” Lust, Money & Murder adventure!




Review: Once again I have been completely consumed and amazed by Mike Wells and his “Lust, Money & Murder” series. I sat down today to read book 6 and did not stop until I was done. At the end of book 5, Elaine and Cattoretti were in Latvia with her getting hypothermia in a fire tower and him down below waiting for her. An extractor is sent in to rescue her, but Cattoretti gets away once again. Book 6 focuses on Elaine and Nick trying to get Cattoretti, working with Raj, Luna, Dmitry, Lexy, and some new mercenaries. It is absolute non-stop action and surprises I feel like every time I read another book in this series that I say that this one is my favorite, but honestly, I think that this was the most action-packed and suspenseful of the series.

There is no way I can discuss the plot without giving spoilers for those that have not yet had the pleasure to read this series, but some things that I loved… Elaine and Nick are brought together again, and I love them together. I’m not sure if it will last, but I liked them working together again. Also, we learn a lot about Nick’s past and I loved the chapters devoted to this. I already loved Luna, but you get an even better appreciation for her during this novel. She is just a bad-ass woman, hands down… The entire novel, however, had me wondering about Elaine’s true feelings about Cattoretti and whether she really wants him captured, especially the last couple of lines of the novel.

Every time I read one of Mike Wells’ novels I am truly amazed. Besides the engaging and surprising storyline, he perfectly writes his characters leaving you no choice but to be completely engaged in what they are doing and thinking. It’s hard to believe that Wells has spent his life as a writer and teacher rather than some sort of secret agent himself because he writes as if he has been there and done it all. Anyone that is a fan of mystery/suspense/crime fiction needs to read Wells’ books immediately if they haven’t already done so! I’ll also let my readers in on a little secret. Every time I finish one of his novels, I immediately e-mail him begging for the next in the series. What in the world will I do when I’m done?? As I’ve said before, I had no clue that I liked this genre of novels until Mike Wells’ and I crossed paths, which I’m so glad I did. But as I was telling my hubby tonight as we sat on the deck, why have these novels not been made into movies yet?

Learn more about the incredible Mike Wells by visiting his web page.

Purchase Lust, Money & Murder Book 6 on Amazon.

*Disclaimer: I received a copy of this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review. Plus, I may have begged him just a little 🙂


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