Book review: This Love




SEPTEMBER 15, 2016

thisloveSynopsis: When Emmy’s fiancé, Ethan, is killed by a speeding driver on the way to their wedding, she is devastated beyond words. Numb and confused, she withdraws from the world.

Eighteen months later, Emmy has settled herself into the coastal town of Cobbler’s Cove. With satisfying work in a new restaurant, a quiet home by the sea, and friends who pick her up when grief comes back to haunt her, she’s finally daring to dream of a bright future.

That is until she meets Jack Archer—a worldly chef who draws people to the restaurant. Emmy and Jack have mutual friends and a common goal, but their history could tear them both apart.

When Emmy finds herself falling for Jack, she begins to question her love for Ethan. She’s tortured by the past and scared of the future. Does she have the strength to forgive and move on?

Review: “This Love” is the latest novel by author, Lea Darragh that release tomorrow! This outstanding novel begins with Emerson’s fiance being killed in a car accident on their wedding day. Eighteen months later she’s moved to Cobbler’s Cove, a small coastal town, living in a beautiful seaside cottage, working as an interior designer, and still trying to put her life back together after Ethan’s death. She’s also dealing with Ethan’s older brother, Adam trying to get her to build a life with him, although she’s never felt that way about him. Her best friends, Aubrey and Finn, have hired Jack Archer to be the head chef at the restaurant they are opening, and that Emerson is designing. Jack is a quiet and tortured soul, but also extremely handsome and talented. They develop and unexpected friendship while trying to help each other heal, which eventually develops into much more. But along with each of their own ghosts from the past haunting them, Emerson also has to come to terms with her feelings and with her relationship with Ethan’s family.

I have never read anything by Lea Darragh before, however, I assure you that this is just the beginning of my reading her novels. This was such an incredible novel that I can’t say enough about it. I should probably start with Emerson, but I can’t… Jack… What can I say about Jack except he is the most adorable, yummy, cute, romantic, honest character ever! Although he’s struggling with enormous feelings of loss and guilt in his life, his quiet charm just pulls you in immediately. Honestly, I just wanted to throw my arms around him from the beginning and assure him that everything will be ok. I loved Emerson also, especially once she started getting her groove back. At first I thought that 18 months was a long time for everyone to still be treating her with kid gloves, but quickly realized that by the time the novel is really starting, she is reaching the point where she is ready to let go and move on, leading to conflicted feelings of confusion and guilt as if she shouldn’t be allowed to move on with her life since Ethan died. Something I admired about Emerson was once she made up her mind to forgive and let go, she didn’t allow anyone else to influence her state of mind. She decided that she wanted and deserved happiness, despite Adam wanting her to either hang on to Ethan’s ghost or be with him. There were times I was frustrated with her and Jack because I really wanted them to be happy and in love, but overall, I loved both characters.

“This Love” is a very quick read and I was very disappointed when it ended because I wanted their story to keep going. Darragh’s writing style flows well and immediately draws you into this story. Her descriptions of the pain each of them feel, their moments together, and of their ocean backdrop will blow you away making you feel as if you’re watching a movie rather than reading.  The unique storyline and amazing characters made this a great novel that any romance fan will love!

Purchase “This Love”on Amazon.

*I received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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