Book Review: Late for Fate

“Late for Fate,” by Lori M. Jones

Publication: Wild Rose Press; June 1, 2016



Synopsis: D.C. paralegal Jezebel Stone’s tardiness often gets her in trouble, but this time, it leads to meeting her dream man. Her choice of metro seats places her on track for finding love again. But when their ride ends in a fiery crash, their separation sends her on a mission of reuniting with him and finishing their fateful trip.

But instead, it entangles Jezebel in the twisted lives of those determined to destroy each other. This prickly path also holds the potential of leading Jezebel to an unlikely place of joy. Finding joy seems impossible when life is literally exploding all around her.


Review: “Late for Fate” is a fast-paced, romantic, and wild ride! Lori M. Jones’ latest novel was a page-turner from the start full of plenty of action and twists and turns. Jezebel is hoping to meet a nice guy, and her Magic 8-Ball tells her that she will. As she boards the Metro on her way home from work, she meets the handsome Kirk and they immediately start into polite chit-chat. Suddenly the Metro crashes, everything is chaos, but she is saved by a mysterious stranger and luckily only has some minor injuries. A few weeks later she gets a call from Kirk wanting to get together and to make sure that she is o.k. Jezebel meets Kirk and although she is confused and hesitant about his marital status of being separated, she struggles to resist her attraction to him. In the mean time, the law firm where she works is in the middle of sexual discrimination and harassment suit involving a high profile attorney and his secretary. Jezebel has no idea how intertangled her professional and love life have become, and she has no idea the lies and the deceit that she has been exposed to.

So, I really enjoyed this novel and read it from beginning to end in one sitting. It’s suspenseful, well-written, and provides many surprises that you will never see coming. I liked Jezebel although at times I was frustrated by how clueless she was regarding Kirk. My feelings for Kirk flip-flopped back and forth between liking him, loving him, and hating him! Nicole was a horrible person but a very well-written character. After reading I sat and reflected on what a crappy person that she was and how much her and Kirk deserved to spend the rest of their lives being miserable for everything they did to each other and to other people. But I always see it as a tribute to the author’s writing when characters frustrate me this much 🙂 I can’t say a lot more about the story without giving spoilers but this was a fantastic read and I think anyone that loves romance mixed with suspense will enjoy this novel. Personally, I think this novel deserves a sequel so that we can learn more about what happens with Jezebel, but of course, that’s up to the author!


Photobucket I received this book to review through Beck Valley Books Book Tours, all the opinions above are 100% my own.

Learn more about the Lori M. Jones by visiting her web page.

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