Book Review: Lost in Rewind

“Lost in Rewind” (Audio Fools Book 3),

by Tali Alexander

Publisher: Tali Alexander Books Inc.; September 1, 2016

lost in rewind

Synopsis: “Come, boy, I will give you a reading…show me your hands.”
Jeffery Rossi wants to be a man of logic but finds himself basing his life’s decisions on a prophecy delivered at the hands of an old gypsy fortune-teller. The death of his beloved wife coupled with the loss of what he thought would be his carefully crafted future, have spun him onto a path of self-destruction.
“Three children will come from you–a king and two queens.”
Jeff believed he knew how his future would unravel, but he’s about to get a lesson in how the Universe works. Fate should not be left to the interpretation of mere mortals. Interfere and suffer, surrender… and let the fates help you find your destiny.
“No matter what you do, no matter how far away you run, what’s written in the stars cannot be undone.”

So, I wasn’t a fan of Jeffrey in the earlier installments of the Audio Fools series, but I absolutely fell in love with Jeffrey and his story in “Lost in Rewind.” Jeffrey has lost everything except for his children. His wife, Jacqueline, has finally lost her battle with cancer. Thinking he would finally have a chance with his longtime second love, Sara, he learns that she is in love with William Knight, plans to marry him, and is pregnant with his child. While dealing with his grief, remorse, and bitterness ( not only because of his wife but due to an unexpected tragedy with Sara) Jeffrey decides to revisit the bar he went to many years ago to confront a fortune-teller whom he thinks lied and screwed his life over. When Jeffrey arrives at the bar to confront the fortune teller, he meets Kali instead, and they have an instant spark that cannot be denied or ignored. She wants to know what her grandmother told Jeffrey all of those years ago, and he wants to tell her his story, but he wants her to know his whole story – the good and the bad. After a passionate and electric night together he heads back to New York but continues his story by phone. After sharing about Jacqueline and getting to the truth about Sara, Kali’s phone dies. He thinks she has hung up on him not wanting to talk to him again, and she thinks he will call her again, but neither do anything.

Months drag by and Jeffrey is picking up the pieces with Sara, William, Emily, and Louis, as well as, committing to raising his children, but Kali is constantly on his mind. With a push from his friends, Jeffrey finally decides to return to the bar to talk to Kali, but she’s gone, and her friend claims to not know anyone named Kali. Jeffrey and his friends then set off on a trip across the world to find this woman he loves and to figure out who she really is. Not only does Jeffrey take off to find this woman that he is so drawn to, he is surrounded by his friends that he once thought he didn’t deserve. This story literally takes a man from a broken shell to someone surrounded by love and eternal friendship.

I’m no fortune-teller or gypsy, but I’ve always been obsessed with the romantic notions of soul mates and that we have someone out there waiting for us. Tali Alexander has taken a whole mess of drama and crap that has happened with all of these characters and made sense out of it all. Sara was meant to be with William, Jeffrey was not meant to be with Jacqueline or Sara forever, his true love was still waiting for him. Alexander’s writing is so realistic and so vivid that when Jeffrey and Kali first meet you can literally feel the chemistry and connection between them. The only thing I did not like about this novel was both of their stubbornness and reluctance to reach to one another and re-connect. Which isn’t a negative about the novel or Alexander’s writing, just my own personal frustration because I wanted these two to get together so badly. There are so many other details I would love to discuss but you know I refuse to give spoilers. “Lost in Rewind” is not a typical romance novel, but is an example of people immediately drawn to one another that choose to, and can’t stop themselves from baring their souls to each other. If you ever wonder if you have a soul mate out there or that special person that was put on this earth for you, then read Tali Alexander. Her outstanding writing, complex characters, and dreamy storylines will leave you feeling sure that your soulmate is out there and that you will also have a happily ever after if you have not already.

All of Tali’s novels can be read as a standalone but I highly recommend starting from the beginning of the Audio Fools series to understand what an amazing series this is. Learn more about Tali Alexander by visiting her web page.

*Disclaimer: I received a copy of this ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.







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