Review: Lust, Money, & Murder Book 5




lust 5


Synopsis: When criminal mastermind Giorgio Cattoretti successfully pulls off the largest art heist in history–the spectacular theft of 15 Picasso paintings from the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia–U.S Secret Service Agent Elaine Brogan is sent there on a dangerous undercover mission to capture Cattoretti before the Russians do.





Once again I have been completely blown away by Mike Wells and this series! “Lust, Money, &  Murder Book 5” finds Elaine heading to St.Peterburg, Russia posing as an American FBI Art Crime Agent with a seemingly impossible task. Elaine is to keep the Russians from arresting Cattoretti for the art heist and she is to get him across the border so that she can arrest him. This novel is so different from the others, despite some familiar characters. Whereas Elaine is a counterfeit expert, this time, she has to pretend to be an art expert. Furthermore, everyone is Russia is trying to figure out who committed the crime while Elaine has to pretend that she doesn’t know it was Cattoretti. On top of her stressful assignment in Russia, Elaine is missing her children at home and often finds her thinking about her estranged husband, Nick LaGrange.

Several things occur in this novel that I never saw coming, but of course, I can’t give spoilers. Wells continues to write page-turning suspense thrillers that you cannot put down until finished. The complexity of his characters continues and gets better each time I read one of his novels. Specifically, the ending of Book 5 makes me wonder once again, how does Cattoretti really feel about Elaine? Does he want to kill her or marry her? One of the things that I love about this novel, and all of the “Lust, Money, & Murder” novels so far, is the incredible, action-packed storyline and the constant surprises from the characters. As I’ve stated in previous reviews of Wells’ novels, I had no idea that I was such a fan of suspense thrillers until I started reading this series. I absolutely cannot wait to read Book 6, and if you have not yet read this series, I highly recommend you start today!

Learn more about Mike Wells and all of his novels by visiting his web page.

*Disclaimer: I received a copy of this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review.


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