Book Review: Bloodstained Heart: Part 1





Synopsis: Meet Felicity, a seventeen-year-old on the brink of adulthood. Abandoned as a child by her father she watches as men come and go before her mother meets and marries Malcolm. He is a rich, powerful and dangerous and up roots Felicity from the inner city to the suburbs of London. Felicity tries to fit in but senses that her step-father is being more than just friendly towards her. Then on a family holiday with her step-brother Tony she falls in love with him. Does an eighteen-year-old stand a chance with a twenty-four-year-old or is she playing with fire?

Things take a turn at Tony’s 25th Birthday party and this becomes the defining point in Felicity’s life as she vows never to love or trust a man again. Will she take her revenge?

Those of you that read my reviews have probably figured out that I’m a huge Audrina Lane fan, but I was leery about reading this book. Why? “Bloodstained Heart: Part 1” is based on the god-awful Felicity from the Heart Trilogy, the woman who made everyone’s lives miserable. But I must say, I really liked this book and the history it provided about how Felicity became the miserable human that she did!

Felicity is 17 years old when her mother Martha marries the super rich and super freaky Malcolm. He employs Felicity as a coat check girl at one of his creepy sex clubs, makes her call him Daddy, and watches her through holes in her walls. Overall, he’s just a gross guy, which is a shame because Felicity is just a nice, normal girl at this point. The family goes on vacation including Malcolm’s son, Tony, who befriends Felicity and she instantly has the hots for him. While she thinks they’re flirting and falling for one another, Tony is actually prepping Felicity for a gross, horrible plan devised by Malcolm. Oh, the best part of the plan, Martha is in on it. The plan is put into place on Tony’s 25th birthday and after that, we meet the evil, bitter, sick Felicity that we met in the Heart Trilogy.

I don’t want to give spoilers so I’ll try not to focus on the remaining events of the novel, but I did really enjoy this different perspective on Felicity. There are some very disturbing scenes in this book and it doesn’t excuse the woman who Felicity becomes, but it sheds some light on why she is who she is. Audrina Lane literally created a soulless character in Felicity, without an ounce of moral fiber making up her body. This new perspective on the situation with James made me angry all over again about her tearing James and Stephanie apart, and it was heartbreaking how she treated him in the end.

Once again I have read an Audrina Lane book that I loved. I’m not sure if I loved it as much as I did the Heart Trilogy books, but it’s definitely very close! “Bloodstained Heart: Part 1” is a page turner from beginning to end and the ending most definitely leaves you wanting more. Lane consistently develops exciting plots, suspense, and larger than life characters that you will not soon forget. I cannot wait until Part 2 is released to learn more about Felicity’s insane story!

Learn more about Audrina Lane and her books by visiting her web page.

*Disclaimer: I received a copy of this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review.



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